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Critical Race Theory (CRT)& Social And Emotional Learning: Parental Pushback

Black Father And Daughter Go Viral With Video Denouncing Critical Race Theory - 6/2/2021

Mike Huckabee: Parents Show Their Power, Fight Back Against Critical Race Theory - 6/4/2021

Viral Dad Fighting Critical Race Theory Says 'Absolutely' He Was CENSORED - 6/4/2021

Conservative Group Empowers Parents With Knowledge To Organize And Confront Critical Race Theory In Schools  - 6/8/2021

New York Mother Obliterates School Board: 'You're Emotionally Abusing Our Children' - 6/9/2021

WATCH: Survivor Of Mao's China Stuns School Board With Chilling Warning About Critical Race Theory - 6/10/2021

Mom Who Survived Maoist China Destroys Virginia School Board's Push For Critical Race Theory - 6/10/2021

Survivor Of Mao's China: Critical Race Theory 'Is Racist,' China Used 'Wokeness' To Install Communism - 6/11/2021

Black Mom Confronts Florida Board Of Ed. Over 'Racist' Critical Race Theory: 'Not Teaching The Truth, Unless You Believe That Whites Are Better Than Blacks' - 6/11/2021

Black Father Blasts Critical Race Theory In Front Of School Board, Says It Teaches His Daughter That Her White Mother 'Is Evil' - 7/7/2021

Parents Revolt: Even Democrate And Moderate Suburban Parents Are Fighting Back Against Critical Race Theory' - 7/26/2021

'These Are Our Children, Not Yours': Iranian Christian Immigrant Slams Woke School Board Over Indoctrination - 8/13/2021

HERO DAD: Parents Are 'Taking Back The Wheel' To Stop The 'Discrimination Revolution' Of CRT In Schools - 2/18/2022

New Conservative School Board Members Fire Superintendent, Ban Critical Race Theory At First Meeting - 11/18/2022

California School Board Bans Schools From Teaching Critical Race Theory In First Meeting After Being Sworn In - 12/15/2022

Parents, Advocates Call For Legislation After Utah Educators Admit On Video To Using 'Loopholes' To Push CRT - 2/1/2023

'Disdain For Parental Input': Virginia Parent Rips School Districts Nationwide During McCarthy-Hosted Event - 3/1/2023