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Public & Private Schools: Agenda Driven Actions Against Teachers

Christian Teacher Suspended After Declaring He Won't 'Lie' To Students And 'Affirm That A Biological Boy Can Be A Girl, And Vice Versa'' - 5/28/2021

'Chardonnay Antifa': Community Rips School Board For Suspending Teacher Who Opposed Trans Pronoun Policy - 6/9/2021

Judge Reinstates VA Teacher Suspended For Refusing To Affirm Trans Identity For Kids, Calls School Reponse 'Vindictive' - 6/8/2021

Settlement Victory: Christian PE Teacher Who Rejected Trans Policy Gets The Best Of Loudoun County - 11/17/2021

Teacher Alleges She Was Fired For Not 'Meowing' Back At Student Who identifies As A Cat - 1/16/2022

Woke College Officials Who Booted Defiant Math Professor Get Worst News Yet From A Federal Court - 3/20/2022

School Nurse Suspended After Outing School For Chemically Castrating 11 Year Old Student - 4/5/2022

Professor Suspended After Refusing To Grade Students Based On Race Gets A Big Win From The Judge - 4/10/2022

Ohio University Pays $400,000 In Damages To Professor Who Refused To Use Student's Preferred Pronouns - 4/17/2022

School District Fired Teacher For Telling Parents About Secret 'Genderqueer' Transition: Lawsuit - 4/19/2022

SCOTUS To Hear Case Of Washington State High School Football Coach Fired For Praying - 4/24/2022

Christian University Still Hasn't Reinstated Professor It Kicked Out After He criticized Identity Politics - 5/16/2022

Former Kansas Teacher To Receive $95,000 From District That Disciplined Her For Refusing To Use Preferred Pronouns, Lie To Parents - 9/1/2022

Christian Teaher Thrown In Jail: 'I Am Here Today Because I Said I Would Not Call A Boy A Girl!' - 9/6/2022

New York City Teachers Who Refused COVID Vaccine Had Their Fingerprints Sent To FBI And New York Criminal Justice Services - 2/11/2023

Teacher Fired For Refusing To Conceal Students' Gender Transitions From Parents: 'I Realized That I Couldn't Be A Christian And A Teacher' - 2/15/2023

'Unprofessional Conduct': Prof Faces Firing For Questioning Data For Racial Climate Task Force - 3/26/2023

University Prez Set To Retire After Firestorm Over Fired Professor Who Showed Muhammad Picture In Class - 4/4/2023

Judge Threatens Parents With Massive Penalties For Challenging School Atiracism Dogma: Lawyers - 4/10/2023

Gay Professor Placed On Leave For Sharing Chocolate That Affirms Biology Of Sex, He Says - 5/11/2023

Judge Troubled That Snowboarding Coach Fired Day After Discussing Sex Differences: Lawyer - 9/27/2023

Biology Professor - Reportedly Fired For Teaching That X And Y Chromosomes Determine A Person's Sex - Gets His Old Job Back - 2/21/2024