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Public & Private Schools: Sexual/LGBTQ+ Agenda: Activist Educators

Teacher In Hot Water After Showing Graphic Abortion Video To Middle Schoolers - 6/13/2018

Special Needs Teacher Taped Mask On Student's Head, Previously Tried To Force Him To Wear Pride Mask - 11/5/2021

Leaked Audio Reveals How California Teachers Recruit Kids Into LBGTQ Clubs - 11/20/2021

California Mom Takes Legal Action Agatinst School District 'After Two Teachers Secretly Manipulated Her Daughter, 11, Into Believing She Was A Transgender Boy And Gave Tips On How To Bind Her Breasts' - 1/21/2022

Preschool Teacher - And 'Polyamorous, Gender-Fluid Witch' - Goes Viral For Admitting How She Teaches Her Young Students About Sexuality And Identity - 4/12/2022

Texas Teacher Who Allegedly Showed Porn To Entire Classroom On Projector Is Fired, Faces A Year In Jail - 4/21/2022

Principal Walks Into Pre-School Classroom, Finds Sick, Woke Tool Used To 'Teach Colors' - 5/30/2022

Preschool Teacher Resigns After Report About LBGTQ-Themed Flashcards - One Apparently Depicting Pregnant Man - Used To Instruction Students - 6/1/2022

AT LEAST 135 Teachers, Aides Have Been Arrested And Charged With Child Sex Crimes IN 2022 ALONE - 5/19/2022

This Professor Makes $100K A Year To Teach Your Kids: Listen To How Insane He Is - 6/14/2022

Washington State School Board Director Plans Sexual 'Pleasure' Workshops For 9-Year-Olds - 7/6/2022

'Queer All School Year': Los Angeles School District Forces Gender Theory Into Classroom - 7/21/2022

War On Parents: Male Teacher Asked This Mom's 11-Year-Old 'Transgender' Daughter To Sleep In Boys' Cabin - 8/10/2022

'Disturbing' State Department Of Eduction Training Materials Coach Teachers To Hide Kids' Transgender Identity From Parents - 8/14/2022

Yale Professor Helps Toddlers With Their 'Gender Journey' - 8/19/2022

K-12 Teachers In Texas Are Urged To Take This 'LGBTQIA+' Training On Taxpayers' Dime, here's The Course Materials They Are Given To Brainwash Students - 8/21/2022

Report: Michigan's Education Department Is Urging Teachers To 'Transition' Kids Behind Parents' Backs - 9/16/2022

Trans Teacher Turns Himself Into Grotesque Caricature Of A Woman, Leads Shop Class In Gross Costume: Reports - 9/17/2022

Rhode Island Teacher Threatens Student For Opposing 'Equitable' Effort To 'De-Level' Classes, Tells Him To 'Watch His Back' - 9/28/2022

'They Want Parents Indoctrinated': Several Woke NYC Private Schools Require Parents To Take 'Anti-Racism' Training, Sign Pledges - Or Else - 10/22/2022

Parents Cannot 'Dictate What Their Children Are Taught': School Board's Lawyer Says Parents Outraged Over District's Transgender Policy Can 'Choose To Have Your Child Attend Elsewhere' - 10/26/2022

After Destroying Your Kids' Education, Teachers Unions Think We Should All Just Hug It Out - 11/4/2022

Connecticut School District Approves Transgender Book For Second Graders Amid Backlash From Parents - 12/1/2022

Elite Chicago Private School's Dean Of Students Brags About Bringing In LGBTQ+ Health Center To Teach 'Queer Sex' To Minors... 'That's A Really Cool Part Of My Job' ... 'Passing Around Dildos And Butt Plugs' ... 'Using Lube Versus using Spit' - 12/7/2022

School Board member Sues board Over 'Person With A Vulva' Sex Ed Curriculum, Alleges Board Broke Open Meeting Laws - 12/8/2022

Dean Of Students Brags About Brining In LGBT Group That Passed Around Sex Toys In Classroom, Talked To Kids About 'Queer Sex' - 12/8/2022

Penn State Professor Tells Students To 'Watch Gay Porn' And Confront That They Might Be Bisexual - 1/12/2023

SICK: Eighth Grade Students In Idaho Shown Condom Video With Simulated Sex As Part Of Planned Parenthood-Endorsed Program (VIDEO) - 1/18/2023

California School District Shuts Down Library App After 2nd-Graders Obtain Books That Feature Sexual Assault And Pedophile Animals - 2/2/2023

Schools To Host Black Lives Matter At School Week Which Teachers Kids About 'Trans Affirmation,' 'Restorative Justice' - 2/4/2023

Catholic School Suspends Teen For Remainder Of Year For Believing God Created 2 genders, Protesting Transgender Students Using Girls' Bathrooms - 2/5/2023

Creepy Teacher Dismisses 'Myth' Of Childhood Innocence... Pushes Sex Talk With Toddlers - 2/13/2023

'Primers On How To Be Trans': 45 Picture Books Target Pre-Schoolers With Trans Ideology - 2/20/2023

Washington County Health Curriculum Riddled With Gender Ideology; Lesson Plan Features Child With 2 Moms And 2 Dads - 2/22/2023

Utah Conference Teaches Education Students About 'Leveraging Racial Affinity,' 'Queer Theory' - 2/24/2023

'I Have A Master's Degree!': Arizona Teacher Says It's A 'Mistake' To Let Parents Choose Curriculum - 3/1/2023

Drag Queen Forces Child To Leave Class For Denying 73 Genders, School Teachers Anal Sex To 11-Year-Olds: Report - 3/1/2023

Parents Incensed By 'Mandatory' High School Assembly Featuring Students Performing In Drag - 3/12/2023

OK, GROOMER: Teacher Gives 'Sexual Fantasy' Writing Assignment... Parents LIVID - 3/15/2023

College Students Graded On Adhearence To Left-Wing Ideology, Test Shows - 3/16/2023

Children Groomed For Trans Lifestyle By Gender Ideology In Schools: Experts - 3/28/2023

Non-Binary Male Who Believes Little Girls ARe 'Kinky' Featured During LA School Districts Week-Long Celebration Of Transgender Day Of Visibility - 3/28/2023