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Florida Legislature Passes Bill To Restrict LGBTQ Topics In Elementary School - 3/8/2022

Disney Blatantly Lies About Florida Bill Protecting Parents' Rights - And The Backlash Is Swift - 3/28/2022

Teacher Laments Passage Of Florida's Anti-Grooming Bill, Worries He Won't Be Able To Talk About His Gay Marriage With Kindergarteners - 3/29/2022

Teacher Would Rather Get Fired Than Obey Florida Law Saying Schools Must Tell Parents About Their Children's Sexuality, Gender - 3/30/2022

Florida Teacher Says He's Upset He Can't Talk To Students About LGBT Relationship Because Of Anti-Grooming Law - 3/31/2022

Florida Bill Already Doing Its Job, Teachers Abandoning Profession As Open Child Grooming Could Become Virtually Impossible - 4/4/2022

Planned Parenthood Was Behind False "Don't Say Gay" Attack So It Could Make Millions Selling Hormone Therapies - 4/8/2022

Following DeSantis' Lead, States Move To Crack Down On Gender Ideology In The Classroom - 2/3/2023

Substitute Teacher Fired For 'Misrepresentation' Of Emply Book Shelves At Public School Library To Smear Gov. Ron DeSantis - 2/22/2023

Twitter Community Notes Just Leveled Another Big WH Lie About Parental Rights Law - 4/22/2023

Horowitz: DeSantis Takes Another Stand Against Transgender Grooming Of Children. College Board Throws A Tantrum. - 8/4/2023

College Board Is 'Playing Games' By Falsely Claiming Florida Law Bans Psychology Courses, Says State's Department Of Education - 8/4/2023