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Public & Private Schools: Sexual/LGBTQ+ Agenda: Student Resistance

'I Wanted To Spread The Word Of God': Student Suspended For Posting Bible Verses in Response Rainbow Flags - 3/14/2019

Feminist Grad Student Says Biological Men Can't Be Women. Now The University Is Investigating Her. - 7/12/2019

Catholic Student Suspended From Football After Allegedly Insisting There Are Two Genders.  Now He's Suing The School District - 11/16/2021

More Than 20 Ex-Students At Babylon High School Accuse Teachers Of Sex Misconduct - 11/22/2021

Valedictorian Could Lose License To Practice Over Graduation Speech Bucking Radical Gender Theory: Report - 9/13/2022

Catholic School Suspends Teen For Remainder Of Year For Believing God Created 2 Genders, Protesting Transgender Students Using Girls' Bathrooms - 2/5/2023

New Hampshire School Bans Urinals Amid 'Gender Identity' Bathroom Kerfuffle; Students Stage Walkout - 2/12/2023

School Board That Banned Urinals Changes Mind After Students Protest - 2/16/2023

Brave Boy Reads Pornographic Book Out Loud To School Board Members That He Checked Out Of His Middle School Library [VIDEO] - 2/25/2023

EXCLUSIVE: 'Uncomfortable': Students Slam School That Threatened To Punish Those Who Protest Trans Kids In Bathrooms - 3/25/2023

Middle School Student Allegedly Sent Home For Refusing To Change Shirt That Said 'There Are Only Two Genders' - 4/30/2023

7th-Grader Sent Home For Wearing 'There Are Only Two Genders' T-Shirt Takes School Officials To Task - 5/1/2023

Female High School Student Scorches School District For Allowing Biological Male Student To Use Girls Bathroom - 5/3/2023

High School Says Tampon Dispensers In Boys' Bathrooms Are Being Placed In Toilets - 5/22/2023

University Of Cincinnati Student Claims She Received A Zero On A Class Project For Using Term 'Biological Women' - 6/5/2023

Junior High Teacher In Canada Berates Muslim Studetns For Boycotting Pride Events: 'If You Don't Think That Should Be The Law, You Can't Be Canadian' - 6/7/2023

Middle School Students Tear Down Pride Banners, Chant 'USA Are My Pronouns' While Wearing Red, White, And Blue - 6/13/2023

Student Excoriated, Called 'Homophobic' For Refusing To Accept That Her Classmate Identifies As A Cat - 6/19/2023