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Public & Private Schools: Wokeness In Education: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

1776 Honors America's Diversity In A Way 1619 Does Not - 1/6/2020

Woke's Most Poisonous Twist Yet: The Return Of Segregation As One American University Hires 82 Diversity Officers - Costing £7.5 Million - 10/2/2021

LMAO: Black D.J. Accused Of Wearing Blackface By School District's Woke Diversity 'Experts' - 4/18/2022

Arizona School Club On Leadership And Diversity Asked Students If Their 'Heterosexuality Was A Phase They Would Grow Out Of' - 6/14/2022

Report: University Of Florida College Of Medicine Is 'Indoctrinating' Its Students With 'Destructive' Diversity Initiatives - 11/22/2022

American Bar Association Drops LSAT Requirement For Law School Admissions In The Name Of Diversity - 12/10/2022

Major University Pays More Than $18 Million To Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Staff - 1/6/2023

University's 'Diversity' Summit Segregated Participants Based On Race - 1/9/2023

Florida College Presidents Pledge To Not Fund Critical Race Theory, Diversity Initiatives On Campus - 1/18/2023

'Diversity, Equity, Inclusion And Social Justice' Course Mandatory For SUNY Students To Graduate - 2/1/2023

Med School Accreditor Finds Diversity Effort 'Unsatisfactory,' Pressures School To Implement DEI Programs - 2/2/2023

Law Schools May Ditch Standardized Tests To Boost Diversity, But Students Aren't Sold - 2/21/2023

Leading Diversity Activist Claiming To Be Woman of Color 'White As The Driven Snow' According To Her Mother - 2/21/2023

WINNING: Two Major Universities Drop "Diversity, Equity And Inclusion" Requirments After Backlash - 2/25/2023

'DEI' Is 'God': Voices That Oppose Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Agenda Should Be Silenced, Says Dem Oklahoma State Representative - 8/8/2023

Parents Fight Elite High School's Lottery System Used To Increase Diversity - 3/11/2023

VIDEO: Stanford Law Students Mock, Shout Down Federal Judge; Judge Says DEI Dean Set Him Up - 3/11/2023

Stanford Univ Issues Apology For Disgusting "Equity And Diversity" Dean Who Ambused And Bullied Trump-Appointed Judge During Speech He Was Invited To Give To Immature Law Studetns Who Shouted Him Down [VIDEO] - 3/13/2023

Hundreds Of Masked Stanford Students Protest Dean For Apologizing To Judge - 3/15/2023

Free Speech Is The Victim When Colleges Prioritze Fake Diversity Over Education - 3/20/2023

Law Prof To File Bar Complaint Against Stanford Students Who Heckled, Harassed Federal Judge - 3/20/2023