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2020 Elections: Ballot Trafficking: 2000 Mules

Ballot Harvesters Went Between Drop Boxes And Stacey Abrams HQ - 4/5/2022

HUGE: Engelbrecht And Phillips On Charlie Kirk Show On 2020 Fraud And "2000 Mules" - NRSC Was Given Evidence Of Fraud But Did Nothing (VIDEO) - 4/10/2022

MUST SEE: Engelbrecht And Phillips On The Charlie Kirk Show On 2020 Fraud And "2000 Mules" - Cross-State Ballot Traffickers ID'ed - Brian Kemp Implicated - 1155 Ballot Traffickers In PA (VIDEO) - 4/11/2022

Filmmaker: Documentary Proves Rampant Illegal Vote Trafficking In 2020 - 4/26/2022

"2000 Mules" Is Taking On A Life Of Its Own, And It Hasn't Even Been Released Yet - 4/28/2022

True The Vote Founder: Public Will See Evidence Of Plot To Steal 2020 Election - 4/28/2022

MUST SEE: Catherine Englebrecht Of True The Vote Gives A Riveting Interview On Steve Bannon's War Room About The Massive Fraud In 2020 Election (VIDEO) - 5/1/2022

Researcher Featured in "2000 Mules' Documentary Explains How Local Election Fraud Was Grown To National Scale - 5/1/2022

Informant Appearing In D'Souza's Doc Film '2,000 Mules' Details How Alleged Ballot Harvesting Operation Worked - 5/2/2022

HUGE UPDATE: Tech Giants Are Censoring, Blacklisting And Banning Posts On The "2000 Mules" Ballot Trafficking Documentary Across Social Media Platforms - 5/8/2022

Investigator Gregg Phillips: FOX's Lawyers Are Keeping "2000 Mules" Off Of The Channel (VIDEO) - 5/8/2022

Exclusive: Wireless Services CEO Destroys Ignorant Attacks By Fake Fact-Checkers On "2000 Mules" - The Fact-Checkers "Don't Have The Technical Foundation For The Comments They're Making" - 5/26/2022

"2000 Mules" Investigator Gregg Phillips Drops A Bomb: Investigators Discovered Multinational Player And Federal Agencies Involved In Operation - A "Multinational Deal Involving Billions Of Dollars" (VIDEO) - 5/28/2022

BREAKING: "2000 Mules" Documentary Sparks Recall Against Yuma County Board Chairman And Nonprofit Director Tony Reyes Alleging "Illegal Mules Activities" - 5/30/2022

True The Vote DESTROYS Hack Journalists Like Sandra Smith Who Lied To Their Audience About Accuracy Of Geospatial Tracking (VIDEO) - 5/31/2022

True The Vote Drops NEW Bombshell VIDEO Of Whistleblower: "You Have To Give Your Ballot Opened To Them So They Can See Who You Are Voting For, Or Who You Supposedly Have To Vote For" - 6/2/2022

"2000 Mules" Investigator Gregg Phillips Announces Investigative Team Has Identified Unique Devices From Inside The TCF Center During Late Night 2020 Election Ballot Dump - 7/5/2022

Detectives Used Cell Phone Ping Data To Catch idaho Murder Suspect "Fact-Checkers" Called "Not Precise Enough" When "2000 Mules" Investigators Used Same Technology To Catch Ballot Traffickers - 1/5/2023