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2020 Elections: Arizona

MUST-SEE VIDEO: Voter Fraud Occurred In Arizona - The State Certified Fraudulent Results (VIDEO) - 12/20/2020

Citizen Probe Found Thousands Of Illegal Votes In Arizona - Updated - 12/30/2020

One Hour After Biden Is Sworn In, Arizona Senate President Releases Evidence Of Voter Fraud - 1/20/2021

As Arizona Wraps Up Hand Count Of 2020 Ballots, new Questions About Accuracy Arise - 6/25/2021

Bombshell In Arizona Audit As Newspaper Files Lawsuit After GOP-Led Senate Makes Power Move - 7/7/2021

AZ Audit Bombshell: Security Was So Bad System Could Be Hacked In Under 10 Minutes - 7/15/2021

AZ Audit: Ballot Count, Certified Count 'Do Not Match,' Says Senate President - 7/15/2021

AZ Auditors Say Ballot Envelopes Without Signatures, Blank Duplicates Verified And Approved By Maricopa County - 9/24/2021

AZ Auditors Say 335% More 'Bad Signatures' Found Than Maricopa County Initially Reported - 9/24/2021

BREAKING! Arizona Audit Final Reports From Cyber Ninjas Were Edited! - 9/30/2021

They Have Found Enough Stolen Ballots To "DECERTIFY"! - 9/8/2021

Over 284,000 Ballots, or 10% Of Ballots Were Fraudulent?! They All Lacked Evidence That It Was The Original Ballot Received - 10/11/2021

AUDIT UPDATE: Arizona, Georgia And Pennsylvania Hold Enough Electoral College Votes To Switch The Election - 7/7/2021

74,000 Ballots Returned With No Record Of Ever Being Sent: Shocking AZ Audit Update - 7/15/2021

Maricopa County Audit Results Reveal Someone Was Caught On Video Illegally Deleting Hundreds Of Thousands Of Election Files The Day Before The Audit Started - 9/25/2021

Arizona 2020 Vote Audit Finds Potentially Election-Shifting Numbers Of Illegal Ballots - 9/27/2021

Shocking New Data From 2020 Election Show Mind-Boggling Number Of Fraudulent Votes - 2/16/2022

AZ Rep Turns To Voters For Help As Pelosi's Goons Drag Him To DC For Interrogation Over Jan. 6 - 2/21/2022

BREAKING: Dr. Shiva Provides Additional Compelling Analysis That 200,000 Ballots In 2020 Election In Maricopa Needed Signatures To Be "Cured" But They Were Ignored - 3/8/2022

Guilty Plea Entered In Arizona Ballot Harvesting Case Exposed By Local Residents - 3/9/2022

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Shiva Discusses His History And Analysis Identifying 200,000 Bllots In Maricopa County, Arizona With Signature Issues - 3/9/2022

Ballot Bombshells: 20 Episodes Exposing Fraud, Illegalities And Irregularities In 2020 Election - 3/10/2022

HUGE: Arizona Republicans Pass HB2492 Requiring ALL Voters To Provide Proof Of Citizenship Upon Registering To Vote - 4/1/2022

Trump Lost AZ By 10,457 Votes But Look At Eerie Number Of AZ Federal-Only Voters Who Voted Without ID - 4/4/2022

BREAKING: Arizona Attorney General Releases Maricopa County 2020 Election Interim Report - Individuals To Be Prosecuted For Election Fraud - 4/6/2022

Arizona AG Reports 'Serious Vulnerabiities' In Maricopa Co. 'Raise Questions' About 2020 Election - 4/7/2022

Finally, Arizona's Election Fraud Has Been Found! - 4/7/2022

How Convenient: 20% Of Drop Box Ballot Reports In Arizona Were Missing Critical Information Like How Many Ballots Were Picked Up From Each Box! - 4/7/2022

HUGE: Arizona Election Fraud Investigation Is A "Direct Response" To '2000 MULES' Investigation And Whistleblower Interview - 5/13/2022

REPORT: RINO AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich Colluded WIth Feds To Prosecute Pro-Trump Citizens In AZ After 2020 Election - Fails To Prosecute REAL Election Crimes - 5/16/2022

BREAKING: "2000 Mules" Documentary Sparks Recall Against Yuma County Board Chairman And Nonprofit Director Tony Reyes Alleging "Illegal Mules Activities" - 5/30/2022

19,000 Late, Invalid Ballots Were Counted In Arizona 2020 Election: Report - 6/1/2022

Election Integrity Group Unveils Findings On Ballot Trafficking In Arizona - 6/1/2022

Report: Dem Pleads Guilty To illegal Ballot-Harveting; Her Lawyer Calls It Part Of 'Voter Suppression' - 6/6/2022

Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Board To Reject 2020 Presidential Election After Election Audit And "2000 Mules" Documentary Prove Irrefutable Evidence Of Fraud - 6/23/2022

WATCH: President Trump SLAMS Crooked Maricopa County Supervisors Who Admitted To DELETING 2020 ELECTION FILES - 7/27/2022

UPDATE: Withheld Records Reveal 19,000 Mail-In Ballots Illegally Received AFTER Deadline In Maricopa County 2020 Election - 7/30/2022

BREAKING: Bombshell Presentation Reveals Identities Of Maricopa County Election Employees Who Deleted Files From Election Server BEFORE Maricopa County Audit - 7/31/2022

GOP Candidates Attend Maricopa Co. Election Forum Showing Video Of Purported Election Data Deletion - 8/1/2022

BOMBSHELL: Evidence Shows Michigan Supreme Court Race In 2020 Was Flipped - Election Audit Professionals Also Identify Numerous Red Flags In New Mexico And Arizona - 8/11/2022

MAJOR NEWS: The Gateway Pundit Wins Historic First Amendment Lawsuit, Maricopa County Board Of Supervisors Agrees To Settlement - 4/13/2023

Were They Told To Stand Down? The DOJ's Arizona Election Fraud Investigators Go AWOL Following 2020 And 2022 Elections - Where Are They Today? - 4/28/2023

"We Had Witnesses" - UPDATE: Amistad Attorney Phill Kline Reacts To The USPS Investigation On Oct. 2020 ballot Deliveries Vindicating Driver Jesse Morgan - 6/5/2023

Rite Scores Important Court Victory In Arizona Against The State's Unlawful Signature Matching Process - 9/5/2023

At Least 5,600 Federal-Only Ballots Cast In Arizona 2020 Election Without US Citizenship Proof - 12/9/2023