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2020 Elections: Pennsylvania     

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Certified Results For President Are Found In Error - The Error Is Twice The Size Of The Difference Between Candidates

A Simple Test For The Extent Of Vote Fraud With Absentee Ballots In The 2020 Presidential Election: Georgia And Pennsylvania Data

BREAKING: A Printer In Michigan Printed Tens Of Thousands Of Excess Pennsylvania Ballots Which Were Shipped To New York And Fraudlently Filled out Before Being Delivered To Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Results Show Statistically Impossible Pattern That Resulted In Biden's Steal

Busted: Pennsylvania Election Results Are Statistically Impossible!

GWP Caught Them Again! Coordination & Collusion Between PA And GA In 2020 Election Steal Exposed In New Findings

Huge PA Election Audit Development: GOP Senator Says 'Let The Fun Begin'

Republicans Were Right: 15 Million 'Missing' 2020 Ballots According To Report

Philly Mob Boss Ready To Flip On Biden On How They Stole The Election In Exhange For Full Expungement Of His Criminal Record

GOP Poll Watchers Are Denied Access In Philadelphia - 11/3/2020

Philadelphia Officials Deny GOP Poll Watchers Banned From Voting Sites - 11/3/2020

Court Orders Philly To Allow Elections Watchers Within 6 Feet Of Vote Counters - 11/3/2020

Americans Suspicious And Outraged After Key Dem-Run Cities STOP Counting Votes On Election Day - 11/4/2020

The Great Election Night 'Pause' In Vote Counting - 11/4/2020

Judge's Order To Allow Republican Observers Ignored By Dem Lawyers At Philadelphia Counting Center - 11/5/2020

FLASHBACK: WE CAUGHT THEM! Pennsylvania Results Show A Statistically Impossible Pattern Behind Biden's Steal - 6/14/2021

Pa. County Whistleblower: Data Regarding Thousands Of Return Ballots Erased - 11/17/2021

BREAKING! Whistleblower Releases Video Of Election Evidence & Ballots Being DESTROYED By ELECTION OFFICIALS! - 11/18/2021

Breaking: Whistleblower Drops Video Of Election Officials Destroying Evidence And Ballots (Video) - 11/18/2021

Pennsylvania Mail-In Voting Scheme That Had An Impact On 2020 Election Has Now Been Declared Unconstitutional - 1/31/2022

From Arizona To Wisconsin, A 2021 Year-End Election Audit Update - 1/8/2022

Shocking New Data From 2020 Election Show Mind-Boggling Number Of Fraudulent Votes - 2/16/2022

Ballot Bombshells: 20 Episodes Exposing Fraud, Illegalities And Irregularities In 2020 Election - 3/10/2022

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Senators Jake Corman And Cris Dush File Petition To Compel Sec Of State To Comply WIth Election Related Subpoena - 3/11/2022

Voter Fraud Concerns Drive Hearing On Pennsylvania Election Rules Bill - 3/30/2022

EXCLUSIVE: US Postal Service Refuses To Release Investigative Report On Whistleblower Truck Driver Who Haulted 288,000 Suspicious Ballots Across State Lines Before 2020 Election - 4/1/2022

Hundreds Of Suspects Filmed Stuffing Multiple Ballots Into PA County Drop Boxes - But Republican DA Won't Prosecute ANY Of The Suspects Because Not Everyone Has Been Identified (VIDEO) - 4/5/2022

EXCLUSIVE: Pennsylvania Senator Cris Dush Is Doing All He Can To Address 2020 Election Fraud In The State - 5/5/2022

Pennsylvania Court Upholds Counties' Right To Inspect Electronic Voting Equipment - 5/24/2022

BREAKING: FBI Now Going After Pennsylvania's 2020 Alternate Electors Who Were Selected in Response To Stolen 2020 Election - 8/11/2022

FBI Issues 'Subpoenas Or Paid Visits' To Multiple Republican Lawmakers: Report - 8/11/2022