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2024 Elections: Trump Ballot Removal: Supreme Court Colorado Case

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Trump's Appeal Of Decision Removing Him From Colorado Ballot - 1/5/2024

Supreme Court Gives Colorado Secretary Of State 10 Minutes To Argue Why Trump Should Be Blocked From Ballot - 2/2/2024

Democrat Lawyer Admits At Supreme Court That Only One Party Can Be Allowed To Rig Elections - 2/8/2024

Supreme Court Justices Weren't Buying What The Lawyer Arguing For Trump's Removal From Colorado Ballot Was Selling - 2/8/2024

Justice Brett Kavanaugh Delivers Reality Check to Colorado Attorney In Effort To Exclude Trump From Ballot: 'Trump Has Not Been Charged With An Insurrection' - 2/8/2024

The Great Clarence Thomas Blows Up Colorado Lawyer's Argument For Kicking President Trump Off The State's Ballot (AUDIO) - 2/8/2024

BLOODBATH: Justice Gorsuch Smacks Around Colorado Attorney During Oral Arguments On Trump Ballot Eligibility (AUDIO) - 2/8/2024

Colorado Lawyer Flails As Clarence Thomas Calmly Destroys His Trump Disqualification Argument - 2/8/2024

Clarence Thomas Asked One Question That Just Won TrumpThis Key 2024 Supreme Court Case - 2/8/2024

Kavanaugh: Democrat Attempt To Disenfranchise Trump Voters Sounds Awfully Anti-Democratic - 2/9/2024

Justice Alito Contemplates In Thinly Veiled Hypothetical Whether Biden Could Be Taken Off Ballots For Aiding Iran - 2/9/2024

Supreme Court Rules Trump Cannot Be Removed From Colorado Ballot - 3/4/2024

Supreme Court Rules Trump To Stay On Ballot In Unanimous Ruling - 3/4/2024

Supreme Court Rules Trump Cannot Be Removed From Colorado Ballot - 3/4/2024

Supreme Court Unanimously SHAMES Leftists With Its Trump 14th Amendment Ruling - 3/4/2024

Key Takeaways From Supreme Court Trump Ballot Ruling - 3/4/2024

House Democrat Promises to Legislate Trump Off The Ballot After SCOTUS Decision - 3/4/2024

Jamie Raskin Says Democrats Are 'Working' On Bill To Disqualify Trump - 3/4/2024

Supreme Court's 9-0 Election Decision Is About The Constitution, Not Trump Or Biden - 3/5/2024

Colorado Secretary Of State And Other Leftists Are Glum Over SCOTUS Ballot Decision: 'It Will Be Up To The American Voters' - 3/5/2024

SCOTUS Ruling On Trump Ballot Access Destroys Credibility Of Media's Legal 'Experts' - 3/4/2024

Dems Explore Other Ways To disqualify Trump After SCOTUS Shoots Down Colorado's Ballot Ban - 3/5/2024