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2024 Elections: Primaries

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Trump Wins Iowa Caucus In Landslide - 1/15/2024

'The Earliest I Can Remember': Jake Tapper Appears Shocked At How Fast His Own Network Called Trump Vicotry In Iowa - 1/15/2024

Rachel Maddow Melts Down Over Trump's Success In Iowa; Censors Victory Speech And Ramps Up Alarmism - 1/16/2024

Trump Crushes DeSantis And Haley In Iowa As Historic Comeback Picks Up Steam - 1/16/2024

Deep State Cabel Already Plotting To Overthrow Potential Trump Victory - 1/16/2024

'Trying To Rig The Election': Clay Travis Rips Liberal Networks For Not Airing Trump Victory Speech - 1/16/2024

Piers Morgan Rips MSM For Not Showing Trump's Iowa Victory Speech - 1/22/2024

Trump Cruises To Victory Against Nikki Haley In New Hampshire - 1/23/2024

New Hampsire Exit Poll: Majority Of GOP Primary Voters Aren't MAGA, But Most Would Be Satisfied With Trump Nomination - 1/23/2024

Connecticut Mayor Embroiled In Alleged Voter Fraud Scandal Wins Primary - After He Already Won The General Election - 1/24/2024

Analysis: Trump's Start To 2024 Election historic, haley's New Hampshire Finish A Likely Mirage - 1/24/2024

Trump Rejects GOP Plan To Install Him As Presumptive Nominee - 1/26/2024

Adam Schiff's Past Effort To Fan Russia Collusion tale Boomerangs In California Senate Bid - 1/27/2024

Haley Loses To 'None Of These Candidates' In Nevada GOP Primary Without Trump - 2/7/2024

Nikki Haley After Nevada Loss: 'Trump Rigged It' - 2/7/2024

Trump Cruises Toward Nomination As He Wins Nevada, Virgin Islands GOP Caucuses - 2/8/2024

Trump Scores 'Big Victory' In Virgin Islands GOP Caucuses Over Nikki Haley - 2/8/2024

POLL: Trump Still Dominates With 65% Of Support In Nikki Haley's Home State Of Sout Carolina Ahead Of February 24 Primary - Trump MORE THAN DOUBLES Haley In New Poll - 2/14/2024

Trump Defeats Haley In South Carolina, Steamrolling Toward Nomination And Fall Rematch With Biden - 2/24/2024

Trump Wins Record 7th CPAC Straw Poll As Noem, Ramaswamy Tie In Veepstakes - 2/24/2024

Trump Wins South Carolina Primary; Haley Vows To Stay On - 2/24/2024

Trump Marches On With Big Win Over Haley In Michigan - 2/27/2024

Trump Wins 6th Straight Primary With Triumph In Michigan - 2/27/2024

Massive Protest Vote Sucks The Wind Out Of Biden's Michigan Primary Victory - 2/27/2024

Voters Leave CNN Anchor Shocked Over The Effectiveness Of A Biden Protest In Michigan's Dem Primary: 'Big Problem' - 2/28/2024

Trump Wins Michigan GOP Convention After Winning The Primary Earlier In The Week - 3/2/2024

Trump Wins Trio Of Republican Caucuses In Missouri, Michigan, And Idaho - 3/2/2024

Donald Trump Sweeps Idaho, Missouri And Michigan Contests, Seizes National Poll Lead Over Biden - 3/2/2024

Haley Wins District Of Columbia GOP Presidential Primary, First Win Of Her Campaign - 3/3/2024

Biden And Trump Win Big On Super Tuesday, Setting Up November Showdown - 3/5/2024

Trump Scores Big Victories Across Super Tuesday States - 3/5/2024

Biden Projected To Lose American Samoa to Entrepreneur Jason Palmer - 3/5/2024

Joe Biden Notches First Loss On Super Tuesday - 3/5/2024

Haley Projected To Win Vermont GOP Primary: AP - 3/5/2024

Nikki Haley Takes One State, But Trump Romps In The Rest As Super Tuesday Results Roll In - 3/5/2024

Nikki Haley Gets A Surprise Super Tuesday Win, Beating Trump In Vermont - 3/6/2024

Biden And Trump Projected To Win California Presidential Primaries: AP - 3/6/2024

Trump Crushes Super Tuesday, While Haley Goes 1-14 - 3/6/2024

Minnesota Democratic 'Uncommitted' Vote Nears 20% In Latest Biden Rebuke - 3/6/2024

McConnell Endorses Trump After Haley Exits Race - 3/6/2024

Dem DA In Texas Has Trouble Voting After Her Live-In 'Partner' Casts Ballot In Her Name: 'Clerical Errors Can Occur' - 3/6/2024

Katie Porter Mocked For Claiming Primaries Were Rigged Against Her After She Was Blown Out - 3/6/2024

Salon Owner Jailed For Violating COVID Lockdown Unseats Incumbent In State House Primary - 3/6/2024

Texas Salon Owner Sent To Jail For Defying COVID Lockdown Orders Wins State House Primary: 'God Is Good' - 3/7/2024

Trump Projected To Win Georgia GOP Primary: AP - 3/12/2024

Biden Wins Enough Delegates to Claim Democratic Nomination, AP Projects - 3/12/2024

Trump Wins Enough Delegates to Claim GOP Nomination, AP Projects - 3/12/2024

Democrats Canceled Their Florida Primary To Help Biden. It Backfired And Helped Republicans Flip Local Seats - 3/20/2024

Trump-Backed Candidate Defeats Establishment Favorite In Key Swing-State Primary - 3/20/2024

Progressive 'Democratic Insider' Candidate For Cook County State's Attorney Closes Gap After 10,000 Mail-In Ballots Found In Chicago - 3/24/2024