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Voter Fraud And Voter I.D. - 11/4/2014

JMU Student Who Worked for Democratic Groups To Plead Guilty in Voter Registration Fraud Case - 6/6/2017

Licenses, ID Cards Sold To Illegal Aliens By Corrupt State Workers Used For Voter Fraud - 8/8/2017

U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults - A Red Flag For Elctoral Fraud - 8/16/2017

Did Non-Citizens Vote Last Year? California Officials Still Can't Say - 1/4/2019

The Dem's Big Election 'Reform" Bill Is A Big Free Speech Problem, And Even The ACLU Is Calling Them Out - 3/5/2019

House Dems Overwhelmingly Reject Motion To Condemn Illegal Immigrant Voting - 3/8/2019

228 House Dems Vote Against Protecting American Votes From Being Cancelled By Illegals' - 3/13/2019

Democrats Want To Be Able To Steal Elections When Necessary: Tom Fitton - 6/26/2019

Nearly 1 Million Registered California Voters Are ineligible, Nonpartisan Group Says - 7/11/2019

City Of Minneapolis Secretly Legalizes Voter Fraud - 7/19/2019

Senate Committee Hearing Exposes Shocking Election Manipulation By Silicon Valley - 8/8/2019

The Changing of the US Voter Profile in US States by Design, A Manipulation - A Breakout Article - 12/6/2019

Illinois Admits Automatice Voter Registration Led To Illegal Ballots, Newarly 600 Non-Citizens Added To Rolls - 1/26/2020

Court Brief: 11.6K Dead People On Virginia's Voter Rolls - 4/29/ 2020

MORE FRAUD IN OREGON; Non-Citizen Steps Forward, Tells How Oregon Automatically Registered Her To Vote Via Motor Voter Bill And Vote-By-Mail - 5/26/2020

Expert: It's "Fair To Assume" Illegal Aliens Will Get Mail-In Ballots In California - 5/14/2020

NYC Set To Bestow Voting Rights To Non-Citizens - 12/10/2021

800,000 Noncitizens Allowed To Vote In NYC Elections - 1/10/2022

Georgia Elections Chief Hints At Organized Effort Behind Ballot Harvesting, Registering Noncitizens - 4/25/2022

New York State Court Strikes Down New York City's NonCitizen Voting Law - 6/27/2022

Why Dems Oppose Voter ID - Yet Push ID Cards For Illegal Migrants - 7/29/2022

Despite Physical Attacks In Deep Blue State, GOP Gets Enough Signatures To Put Licenses For Illegals On The Ballot - 8/23/2022

They Can't Win If They Don't Cheat... House Democrats Vote To Give Aliens The Right To Vote - IN UNANIMOUS VOTE! - 9/21/2022

House Democrats And Exiting Impeachment Republicans Pass Liz Cheney's Bill, Which Allows Voting 5 Days After Elections - 9/23/2022

Florida Election Crimes Chief Dies, Issued Dire Warning Weeks Before Death - 9/24/2022

Ohioans Vote In Favor Of Banning Non-Citizens From Voting In Local Elections - 12/2/2022

Wisconsin Lawmakers Introduce Common Sense Legislation That Forces State To Scrub Voter Rolls Of Some 3.6-3.8 Million Inactive Voters - 1/23/2023

House Republicans Block DC Law That Would Allow Illegal Residents To Vote - 2/10/2023

Jim Jordan Criticized For Saying 'Only Americans Should Vote in American Elections' - 2/12/2023

Rhode Island Bill Would Open Elections To Illegal Aliens, In Democrats' Latest Push For Noncitizen Voting - 2/13/2023

Lawsuit Forces Los Angeles County To Remove 1.2 Million Ineligible Voters From Rolls - 2/27/2023

RNC, Vermont GOP Sue City Of Winooski For Letting Noncitizens Vote On Spending State Funds - 3/10/2023

Massachusetts Approves Driver's Licenses To Illegal Migrants, As Border Surge Taxes State Resources - 7/9/2023

Lawsuit: Democrats' No-Excuse Absentee Voting Law Violates New York Constitution - 9/21/2023