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Voting Machines

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WATCH: Computer Programmer Testifies He Helped Rig Voting Machines - 3/7/2016

As He Blocks Election Security Bills, McConnell Takes Checks From Voting Machine Lobbyists - 6/10/2019

Mitch McConnell Reeived Donations From Voting Machine Lobbyists Before Blocking Election Security Bills - 7/26/2019

FORENSIC EVIDENCE: Dominion Voting Machines Had Unauthorized "Implant" - 5/5/2021

NH Election Audit Finds Mail-In Ballot Machine Mistakenly Added Votes For Democratic Candidates - 5/27/2021

Flashback: Democrats Railed Against Voting Machines, Admitted They Can Be Hacked, Votes Can Be Switched - 7/19/2021

Flashback: Democrats Said Voting Machines Can Be Hacked, Votes Can Be Switched - 7/19/2021

Bombshell Admission - Biden FEC Nominee ADMITS Filing Legal Document Attesting Voting Machines Illegally Switched Vote From One Candidate To Another - 4/6/2022

Part 3: Full Scope Of Dominion ICX Hack In Federal Court Is FAR Worse Than Just The BIC Pen Hack - 1/27/2024

"I've Been Waiting For This Court Case" - Mike Lindell Weighs In On Explosive Halderman Dominion Voting Machine Testimony In Georgia Courtroom (VIDEO) - 1/27/2024

"It Was A LIE!" BOMBSHELL RECORDING Captures MI Prosecutor Saying Dominion Voting Machines President John Poulos Perjured Himself Under Oath When Asked About Dominion Machine Access To Internet - 2/14/2024

Barry County, MI Sheriff Alleges Foreign Interference In Voting Machines Across Multiple States - 3/18/2024