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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Activism

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Multipe Officials Respond To Ocasio-Cortez's Claim About CBP Facilities - 7/2/2019

Hispanic Pastors Tour Border Facility Lambasted By AOC And Say They Are 'Shocked By Misinformation' - 7/2/2019

President Of National Border Patrol Council: 'Ocasio-Cortez Is Trying To Dehumanize Us' - 7/3/2019

Video Surfaces Showing Nancy Pelosi Advocating Republican Policy On Border Crisis - 7/20/2019

Democrat Quietly Vote To Allow Illegal Aliens To Work As Congressional Staffers - 7/31/2021

Massachusetts Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring State To Provide Driver's Licenses To Illegal Immigrants; Legislature Promises Override - 5/28/2022

'Not Even Close': Dem Senator Holds Nothing Back Against His Own Party For Being Out Of Touch On Border Crisis - 11/22/2022

Dems Propose Forcing ICE To Release Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants As Part Of Spending Package - 12/13/2022

Blue States Encourage Illegal Immigration When They Subsidize Health Care For Undocumented Migrants - 12/15/2022

Assistant Principal Asked School Staff To Help Pay Immigrant Student's 'Coyote' Fees, Email Shows - 1/27/2023

Rep. Ted Lieu Says There Has Always Been A Crisis At The Southern Border But That's Not What He Said Under Trump - 2/1/2023

Red Cross Provides Migrants With Maps, Guides For Journey To US-Mexico Border - 3/9/2023

Red Cross Provides Maps To Illegals Sharing Where To Cross Border And Providing "Helpful Tips" - 3/12/2023

'Sad Joke': Border Patrol Union Rips DHS For Warning Of 'Targeted Enforcement' In Texas - 5/9/2023

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Dems Re-Introduce Bill To Give 'Documented Dreamers' Green Cards - 5/17/2023

Mexican Officials Place Slab Of Berlin Wall Near U.S. Southern Border To Teach 'Lesson' About Knocking Down Walls - 9/3/2023

Daycare Named After Anne Frank Could Change Its Name Due To Pressure From Migrant Parents: REPORT - 11/6/2023

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