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Homeland Security Confirms Venezuela Sending 'Violent Criminals' To US, According To GOP Rep - 9/22/2022

Mayorkas Maintains 'Border Is Secure' Despite Record Crossing; FBI Sees 'Significant Criminal Threats' - 11/15/2022

BREAKING: House Republican Files Articles Of Impeachment Against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas - After 5 Million Illegals Cross open Southern Border - 1/10/2023

OOPS! Mayorkas Just Broke The Narrative, Illegals Are 'Straining Our System' - 1/16/2023

Mayorkas After 6 Million Illegal Aliens Have Crossed Border On Biden's Watch: "The Border Is Not Open, Has Not Been Open: (VIDEO) - 5/5/2023

Mayorkas Against Claims US Border Is Safe And Secure After 6 Million Illegal Aliens Cross Over Open Border On Biden's Watch - A COMPLETE LIE (VIDEO) - 5/10/2023

'Cannot Control The Movement Of People': Mayorkas Refuses To Say Whether Border Crisis Could Have Been Avoided - 5/12/2023

Huge Number Of Border Agend Candidates Failing DHS Polygraphs, Union Suggests It's Intentional - 5/14/2023

Corporate Media Distract From Biden's Border Catastrophe With Mayorkas' Deliberately Dishonest 'Drop' In Arrests Narrative - 5/15/2023

ONCE AGAIN... Mayorkas Lies And Says Biden Regime Working To Secure Border After 7 Million Illegals Cross Into US - GOP Lawmakers Too Weak To Impeach Him - 7/26/2023

DHS Plans Move To Shield Some Undocumented Migrants From Deportation - 8/12/2023

DHS Has Limited Ability To Accurately Track Migrants' Post-Release Addresses: IG Report - 9/11/2023

Biden's DHS Let 200,000 Illegal Immigrants Fly Directly Into 43 Cities - 9/21/2023

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Rep Demands Mayorkas Account For Agency Losing Track Of Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants - 9/21/2023

DHS Just Gave Illegals 1 Direct Order - But This "Order" Isn't What You Think - 11/25/2023

Biden's DHS Requires Border Agents To Use 'Preferred Pronouns' Of Illegal Immigrants - 11/25/2023

Mayorkas Meets With Border Patrol Agents Falsely Accused Of 'Whipping' Migrants - But Doesn't Apologize: Report - 11/30/2023

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Roundly Mocked After Floated Yet Another Absurd Euphemism For Illegal Immigation - 12/31/2023

Mayorkas Says He Does Not Regret Terminating Trump's 'Remain In Mexico' Policy After Millions Of Military-Age Males Invade US (VIDEO) - 2/11/2024

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Tells NBC Hack: "We Don't Bear Responsiblity" For Open US Border And 11 Million Illegal Alien Invasion - 2/11/2024

There's Been Over 1.5 Million Migrant Encounters At The Border Since Mayorkas Last Said It Was 'Secure' - 2/11/2024

'Breakdown In The System': CBS Host Presses Mayorkas On Illegal Immigrant Charged in Laken Riley's Death - 3/3/2024

Mayorkas Says Feds 'Not Notified' About Suspected Laken Riley Killer's Alleged Crimes, Blames Sanctuary City - 3/3/2024

DeSantis Touts Win After Forcing Biden Admin To Arrest Illegal Alien Wanted For Rape - 3/5/2024

DHS Spending $3M - The Salary Of 70 Border Agents - On Alejandro Mayorkas Impeachment Defense - 3/6/2024

Biden Administration Fails To File Paperwork, Causes 200K Migrant Deportation Cases To Be Tossed: 'Serious Concerns' - 3/20/2024

EXCLUSIVE: Red States File Brief Against DHS To Protect Themselves Against Illegal Immigration - 4/5/2024