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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Other Criminal Activity: Violence & Assault

In Just 9 Months On Biden's Watch, 23 Aliens Previously Convicted Of MURDER Tried To Come Back Over The Border In Arizona Alone, And That's Not All... - 11/21/2021

Chilling: Migrant Vows To Attack Any American Who Tries To Prevent His Illegal Crossing - Video - 1/24/2022

Homeland Security Confirms Venezuela Sending 'Violent Criminals' To US, According To GOP Rep - 9/22/2022

Large Number Of Criminal Juveniles Entering US Through DACA - 11/27/2022

Texas Border Sheriff Sends SOS: 'Illegal Aliens Wreaking Havoc In Our Communities' - 1/22/2023

Illegal Immigrant Arrested Six Times For Multiple Assaults After Two Months In The US - 9/2/2023

'There Will Be No Backing Down': UFC Star Conor McGregor Vows To Change Ireland After Stabbings By Algerian Migrant Suspect - 11/24/2023

Conor McGregor Under Investigation For 'Online Hate Speech' By Irish Authorities: Report - 11/26/2023

Joe Biden's America: "Got-Away" Illegal Aliens Crossing Open US Border Are Caught On Camera CARRYING RIFLES - 12/25/2023

FBI: Illegal Aliens Tried Nearly 48,000 Times To Purchase Firearms Over Past 25 Years - 1/8/2024

Footage Of Illegal Immigrant Allegedly Stealing Flag And Beating Homeowner Sparks Outrage: 'An Attack On All Of America' - 2/8/2024

'Very Violent' Migrant From Venezuela, 15, Cried While Being Arrested For Allegedly Shooting Tourist In Times Square - 2/9/2024

4 Likely Illegal Immigrants In Chicago - 3 Of Whom Have Already Been Arrested - Accused Of Strangling, Robbing Man On Train - 2/20/2024

Chillig VIdeo Shows Moment California Man Attempts To Kidnap 8-Year-Old In Front Of Dad, Abduction Thwarted By Good Samaritans - 3/29/2024