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Surveilling The Surveillors: Dr. Robert Epstein Caught Google With Its 'Bias' Pants Down - 3/22/2019

DHILLON: Trump Delivers The Google-Facebook Reckoning That Obama Refused - 6/6/2019

Senator Cruz Grills Google Executive Over Insider Story - 6/25/2019

Report: Over 1,000 Google Employees Sign Petition To Use Market Dominance To Starve Breitbart News Out Of Ad Revenue - 7/11/2019

Billionaire Thiel: Google 'Seemingly Committing Treason' With Chinese Military; Calls For Federal Inestigation Into Spies And More - 7/15/2019

GOOGLE EXECS PANIC! Go Into Hiding - Delete Social Media Accounts After James O'Keefe's Latest Expose - 6/25/2019

VIDEO: Google Rep. Squirms Under Intense Questioning By Ted Cruz On Anti-Conservative 'Political Bias' - 6/25/2019

WATCH: Sr. Google Engineer Goes Public With James O'Keefe On Bias At Google - 7/24/2019

Senator Ted Cruz Hammers Google: You 'Control Our Discourse' - 7/16/2019

Ted Cruz: Google Has 'A Staggering Amount Of Power' To Shape Culture - 7/16/2019

Google Accused Of Manipulating Search Results, PriceRunner Suing Company For $2.4 Billion - 2/7/2022

Report: Former Google CEO Indirectly Paid Salaries In White House Office - Played "Extraordinary" Role - 3/29/2022

SHOCKING RESULTS: University Study Reveals Google's Gmail System In 2020 Election had Anti-Conservative Bias That Got Worse As Election Approached - 4/11/2022

Google Worker Fired For Blowing The Whistle On 'Spiritual Organization' Within Company That's Been Accused Of Sex Trafficking - 6/19/2022

'Pro-Choice' Democrats Demand Google Block Search Results For Crisis Pregnancy Centers - 6/21/2022

Bombshell Claim: Google intercepted 100% Of RNC Donation Emails On Biggest Donation Days Of Month - For 7 Months Straight - 7/2/2022

Rumble In The Jungle: Court Orders Google To Turn Over Docs On Choking Free Speech Competition - 8/1/2022

Google Filtering Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Results When People Search For Abortion Clinics - 8/27/2022

At Democrats' Bidding, Google And Yelp Censor Searches For Life-Saving Pregnancy Centers - 8/29/2022

Google Nukes Truth Social From App Store After New York Times Smears Platform As Haven For Extremism - 8/30/2022

RNC Exploring Legal Action Against Google Over Suppression Of Fundraising Emails - 10/3/2022

Google Slaps Warning On New York Post Story About A Democratic Candidate, Prompting Flashbacks To Suppressed Hunter Biden Laptop Story - 10/13/2022

Google Sued For 'Censorship' Of Republican Emails: RNC - 10/22/2022

State Of Texas Moves Against Google - Alleges Kids' Faces Scanned, Cataloged, Stored For Future Use - 10/26/2022

LET'S GO: State Attorney General Takes On Google For Biased Search - 12/10/2022

'Eco-Conscious' Google Data Center Gobbled Up Nearly 300 Million Gallons Of Oregon City's Water Amid Droughts, Tried To Keep It Secret - 12/16/2022

Google Has Programmed 'Woke' AI To Censor The Internet: Whistleblower - 1/5/2023

Google Parent Company Alphabet To Cut 12,000 Jobs From Global Workforce - 1/20/2023

Google Sued For Monoplizing Ad Technology, Using 'Anticompetitive Practices,' DOJ Lawsuit Claims - 1/25/2023

Married Exec Claims He Was Fired By Woke Google For Not Being 'Inclusive' In Aftermath Of Molestation At Hands Of Asian Female Executive - 1/31/2023

Our Big Tech Overlords Yanked Yet Another Covid Video We Apparently Can't Handle - 2/1/2023

Google CEO Admits He Doesn't 'Fully Understand' how His AI Works After It Taught Itself A New Languate And Invented Fake Data To Advance An Idea - 4/17/2023

Google Co-Founder Wants to Build AI As A "Digital God" - 4/27/2023

'Godfather Of A.I.' Leaves Google After A Decade To Warn Society Of Technology He's Touted - 5/1/2023

Senior Google Software Engineer Jumps To Death From NYC Headquarters - Second Employee To Commit Suicide This Year - 5/7/2023

Former Google CEO Wielded 'Unusual Level Of Influence' Over Biden Science Office, Flew Official On Private Jet - 6/25/2023

Massachusetts Sued For Working With Google To Secretly Put Spyware On Residents' Phones - 7/10/2023

Look How Google Shoos You Away From The Biden Family Biz And Other Big News - 8/22/2023

Google Searches Favor Democrat Candidates In 2024 Presidential Race: Media Watchdog - 9/29/2023

Google Nukes 'College Terror List' Naming Students Who Support Hamas - 10/11/2023

Google Invests $2 Billion In AI Company Whose CEO Admits AI Has A One In Four Chance Of Destorying Humanity - 10/28/2023

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Compares AI To Climate Change At APEC CEO Summit - 11/16/2023