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Gov. Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

Men Accused In Plot To Kidnap Michigan Gov. Whitmer Claim FBI Set The Up - 7/21/2021

FBI Informants Had Bigger Role In Whitmer Kidnap Plot Than Thought: Report - 7/21/2021

The Great Big Lie About The Whitmer Kidnapping Attempt Is Unraveling! - 8/19/2021

Lawyers: FBI Lured Men Into Gov. Whitmer Kidnap Plot - 3/9/2022

Attorneys: FBI Sources Piied Men With Drugs, Orchestrated Alleged Whitmer Kidnapping Plot - 3/9/2022

Jury Hit With Stunning New Information: FBI Fed Drugs To Alleged Whitmer Kidnapping Plotters Before The Tapes Rolled - 3/13/2022

UNBELIEVABLE! FBI Sources Committed Entrapment To Manipulate Men In Alleged Whitmer Kidnapping Plot - 3/14/2022

HUGE BLOW TO FAKE NEWS AND FBI: Zero Guilty Verdicts In Case Of Alleged Plot To Kidnap Leftist Governor Whitmer - Not Guilty Verdict For 2, Hung Jury On 2 Including Ring Leader! - 4/8/2022

Michigan Jury Acquits Two Men, Deadlock On Two Others In Trial For Plot To Kidnap Whitmer - 4/8/202

The Feds Are So Desperate For Violent 'White Supremacy,' They're Fabricating It - 4/12/2022

Two Accused Of 'Whitmer Kidnapping' Ask Judge For Aquittals After Feds' Landmark Loss - 4/24/2022

Two Suspects Involved In Whitmer Kidnapping Farce Face New Trial - Judge Will Not Allow Details From Previous Hung Jury As Evidence - 7/29/2022

Dirtbag Chris Wray Confirms That Same FBI Supervisor behind Failed Whitmer Entrapment Scheme Is Leading Jan. 6 Investigation In Washington DC - 8/4/2022

Ted Cruz Gets FBI Director To Make 'Astonishing' Admission About Agent Who Was In Charge During Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Investigation - 8/4/2022

FBI Informants In Whitmer Kidnapping Scheme Allegedly Displayed Some Wild Behavior - 8/12/2022

Spotlight On FBI: Understanding The Trump Raid, Jan. 6, And Gov. Whitmer Kidnapping Plot - 8/22/2022

Man Aquitted In Alleged Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Speaks Out Against Government Narrative - 8/22/2022

Men Convicted In Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Allege Juror Misconduct, Biased Treatment From Judge - 9/9/2022

Delaware Trucker Sentenced To More Than 19 Years In Prison For Plot To Kidnap Michigan Gov. Whitmer - 12/28/2022