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Israel - Hamas War 2023: Calls For Ceasefire

Why Is The Biden Admin Demanding Israel Negotiate A Cease-Fire But Not Ukraine? - 10/9/2023

Blinken Deletes Tweet Pushing For Cease-Fire With State Department-Designated Terrorist Gropu Hamas - 10/9/2023

Biden Administration Reverses Call For Israel Ceasefire - 10/9/2023

Why Calling For Israel's 'Restraint' Is Depraved And Offensive - 10/12/2023

Dem Reps Unveil Resolution Calling For Ceasefire In Gaza Following Deadly Terrorist Attacks Against Israel - 10/16/2023

Pro-Ceasefire Protestors Overrun Capitol Hill Demanding End To Israel-Hamas Conflict, Arrests Made - 10/18/2023

Hundreds Arrested After Gaza Ceasefire Rally Remporarily Shut Down Grand Central Terminal - 10/28/2023

UN Urges Gaza Ceasefire While Funding Anti-Israel Propaganda, Ignoring Human Rights Abusers - 11/6/2023

US To Send $320 Million In Precision Bomb Kits To Israel While Pushing To Pause Gaza Bombardment - 11/6/2023

Netanyahu Teaches Canadian PM Justin Trudeau A Lesson After He Attacks Israel For Its Assault On Hamas - 11/15/2023

'Immediate F*cking Ceasefire': Pro-Palestine Harvard Students End Occupation Of University Hall After 24-Hours - 11/18/2023

Israel And Hamas Considering Temporary Ceasefire: REPORT - 11/18/2023

Israel, Hamas Agree To Temporary Ceasefire Deal To Free 50 Hostages - 11/21/2023

Torah Reading Gets Awkward Fast As Leftist Jews Hold Pro-Ceasefire Rally - 11/21/2023

Netanyahu Rejects Hamas' Ceasefire Demands, Including Release Of 1,500 Palestinians For Hostages - 2/7/2024

China, Russia Veto UN Resolution By US For Immediate Cease-Fire In Israel-Hamas War - 3/22/2024

Biden Urges Israel 'To Just Call For' 6-8 Week Ceasefire, Slams PM's Handling Of Gaza War - 4/10/2024