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Israel - Hamas War 2023: Insurrections & Protests

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Anti-Israel Protesters Appear On The Steps Of Sydney Opera House, Chanting 'Gas The Jews' - 10/10/2023

Bold As A Lion: Thousands Of Christians March In NYC, Reverent Hymns Echo Through The City - 10/13/2023

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Arrested After Trying To 'Shut Down The White House' - 10/16/2023

BREAKING: Police Rush To Contain Hundreds Of Pro-Palestinian 'Insurrectionists' Occupying U.S. Capitol Office Building - 10/18/2023

Pro-Ceasefire Protestors Overrun Capitol Hill Demanding End To Israel-Hamas Conflict, Arrests Made - 10/18/2023

Jewish Anti-Zionist Group That Overran U.S. House Building Linked To BDS Movement, Liberal Funders - 10/18/2023

'We Warned The Protestors To Stop': US Capitol Police Arrest People Who Demonstrated In A Congressional Building - 10/18/2023

Navy Veteran Sends Silent Message To Anti-Israel Protesters On Capitol Hill - 10/18/2023

MTG's Secret Snapshots Of Pro-Palestine Protesters' Phones During 'Unsurrection' Go Viral - 10/18/2023

Pro-Palestine Demonstrators Take Over Capitol Office Building - 10/19/2023

Rep Rashida Tlaib Incites Protesters To Riot And Take Over The Capitol: When Will She Be Indicted? - 10/19/2023

Did Rashida Tlaib Lead An 'INSURRECTION' On Capitol Grounds? - 10/19/2023

Pro-Palestinian Activists In NYC Chant Nazi Sentiment At Anti-Semitic March: 'There Is Only One Solution' - 10/23/2023

Hundreds Arrested After Gaza Ceasefire Rally Remporarily Shut Down Grand Central Terminal - 10/28/2023

Groups Behind Israel-Bashing Protests Backing Hamas Attacks Got $15M-Plus From Soros - 10/28/2023

Video: Black Hebrew Israelites And Palestinian Supporters Clash During Pro-Gaza March In Chicago - 10/29/2023

Revealed: Soros Gave $15 Million To Radical Groups Behind Pro-Hamas Protests - 10/30/2023

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Swarm Outside White House Chanting 'Allahu Akbar' - 11/4/2023

'Genocide Joe': Tens Of Thousands Descend On DC To Protest Against Israel Blocks Away From White House - 11/4/2023

What I Saw At The 'Free Palestine' March In D.C. - 11/8/2023

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Vandalize NYPD Vehicles With Antisemitic Slogans Outside New York Times Building - 11/10/2023

"Protesters In Downtown NY Decided To Attack Our Bus!" - Former UFC Champion Jamahal Hill Reports Live NY As Violent Anti-Israel Mob Attack His Bus - 11/11/2023

Grand Central Station Targeted By Pro-Palestinian Mob During Unruly NYC Demonstration - 11/11/2023

The Size Of This Protest Is So Massive That You Have To See It To Believe It - 11/14/2023

'Scared Me More Than Jan. 6': House Democrat Admits Feeling Afraid When Violent Protesters Gathered Outside DNC Headquarters - 11/16/2023

Nancy Pelosi: Now This Looks Like An Insurrection - 11/16/2023

Police Evacuate Congressmen From Violent Pro-Hamas Riot On Capitol Hill - 11/16/2023

CNN Host Says The Quiet Part Out Loud About Violent Left-Wing Protest Outside DNC HQ - Then She Tries To Retract It - 11/17/2023

Pro-Hamas Protestors Try To Take Over FOX News Headquarters In NYC (VIDEO) - 11/17/2023

OUTRAGE: Anti-Israel Protesters Who Shut Down The Bay Bridge Prevented Couriers From Delivering Organs For Transplant Surgeries - 11/17/2023

Another Leftist Insurrection? HUNDREDS Of Pro-Hamas Agitators INVADE Locked University Of Michigan Building, Bully Cops, And Scream Slogans Calling For Israel's Destruction (VIDEOS) - 11/17/2023

Radical Leftist Insurrection Breaks Out - 11/17/2023

Oregon Democratic Party Cancels Meeting OVer Credible Threat Of Pro-Palestinian Protestors - 11/18/2023

Jewish House Dem Slams Pro-Palestinian Protesters Who Clashed With Police At DNC Headquarters - 11/19/2023

California Dem Leader Vows Punishment For Any Delegate Who Aided Disruptive Anti-Israel Protesters - 11/19/2023

'Genocide Joe:' Pro-Palestinian Protestors Vandalize Buildings In Los Angeles During Biden Visit - 12/9/2023

'Shut The F**k Up!' Alec Baldwin Accosted By Pro-Palestine Activists Demanding He Condemn Israel - 12/19/2023

Massive Crowd Of Hamas Sympathizers Vows To Disrupt Christmas 'As Usual,' Causes Havoc In NYC Saturday - 12/24/2023

Christmas Event Supporting Blind Children Disrupted By Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators - 12/25/2023

Video: Palestinian Supporters Try To Breach White House Fencing, Rioters Attack Officers, Staffers Relocated, No Arrests - 1/13/2024

'F*ck Joe Biden': Huge Pro-Palestinian Protest Ends Up At Biden's Front Gate - 1/13/2024

Secret Service Reports Staff 'Relocated' As Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Rocked White House Security Fence - 1/14/2024

Pro-Palestinian Mob Blocks Access To Montreal Holocaust Museum Over Pro-Israel Event - 3/6/2024

Geoff Russ: Canada Capitulates To Mob Rule As Anti-Isreal Activists Thwart The Law - 3/6/2024

Dozens Of Anti-Israel Protesters Arrested After Storming Cafeteria In Senate Office Building: Cops - 4/9/2024