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Israel - Hamas War 2023: Refugees

Progressives Call For US To Take In Some Of The Expected 1 Million Gaza Refugees - 10/14/2023

House Republicans Introduce Bill To Block Palestinian Refugees From US 'To Protect America's National Security' - 10/14/2023

DeSantis: U.S. Should Not Take Palestinian Refugees, Arab Nations Need To 'Step Up' - 10/14/2023

'Squad' Member Calls For US To Accept Some Of 1 Million Palestinian Refugees; Ron DeSantis Strongly Disagrees, Offers Solution - 10/14/2023

'Squad' Member Congressman Wants The US To Accept Palestinian Refugees - 10/14/2023

House Republicans Introduce Bill To Safeguard National Security By Blocking Entry Of Palestinian Refugees - 10/15/2023

Nikki Haley Argues To Bring One Million Hamas Supporting Palestinians To The US From Gaza - Where Over 68% Of Population Supports Terror Strikes On Israel - 10/17/2023

"NO REFUGEES In Jordan, NO REFUGEES In Egypt!" - King Abdullah Pushes Back On Jordan Taking Palestinian Refugees - Not A Chance! (VIDEO) - 10/17/2023

Calls For US To Take In Palestinian Refugees Raise Serious Security Concerns, Former, Current Officials Say - 10/18/2023

EXCLUSIVE: 'Deeply Opposed': GOP Reps Urge Biden Not To Take In Palestinian Refugees - 10/23/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Border Authorities Are Counting Palestinian Migrants As Other Nationalities - 10/25/2023

The Palestinian Refugee 'Crisis' Is A United Nations-Perpetuated Myth - 11/16/2023

IDF Hunts For Hostages Among Gaza Refugees: "If There Are Any Children Here Who Speak Hebrew, Run To Us" - 11/21/2023