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Legacy/Main Stream Media: Cover-ups

Old Media Ignores Obama's '57 States,' Obsessed Over Quayle's 'Potatoe' - 5/11/2008

News Outlet Admits It Withheld Explosive Information About Beto O'Rourke Until After Senate Race - 3/17/2019

Media Pounces On Edited Video Of Ilhan Omar's Comments Against White Men - But The Unedited Version Is Worse - 7/25/2019

MSM Lies EXPOSED: 'There Is A Massive Cover-up Going On Right Now In This Country' - 6/8/2020

There's More to the Story of the 'Elderly' Protester Knocked Down by Buffalo Police Than You're Being Told - 6/8/2020

MUST SEE! Media Is HIDING This: Look At Mass Destruction In Chicago, NYC, Minneapolis And St. Louis After Just One Week Of Leftist "Peaceful Protest" - (SHOCKING VIDEO) - 6/8/2020

Mainstream Media Outlets NBC, ABC, Leave Out Details In Coverage Of Armed St. Louis Couple Who Confronted Protesters - 6/30/2020

Media Silent On Virginia School Board's Alleged Coverup Of Trans Bathroom Rape - 10/13/2021

Loudoun County: When You Cover Up Alleged Rapes...You Can Expet These Sorts Of Things To Happen - 10/26/2021

Antifa Terrorist With Bomb Arrested And Gets Bond...January 6 Prisoners Remain Imprisoned - Where Is The Media Coverage? - 1/4/2022

Media Hostile To Republicans While emocrats' 'Gaffes' Ignored - 2/13/2022

PBS Promotes Neo-Nazi Ukraine Mayor; Blurs Image Of 'Hitler Accomplice' Behind Him - 3/5/2022

ABC, CBS And NBC Ignore Report Confirming Andrew Cuomo Covered Up Thousands Of Nursing Home Deaths - 3/17/2022

Mainstream Media Fact-Checkers Bury White House Over 'Clearly False' Claim About Biden's First Day In Office - 5/13/2022

Reuters Director Of Data Science Fired After Reporting Accurate Statistics On Police Shootings And Race - 5/13/2022

MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC Ignore Bombshell Testimony That Clinton Green-Lit 2016 Trump-Russia Allegations - 5/24/2022

Another Big Story The Press Missed - 5/26/2022

Ex-Media Matters Employee Alleges Colleagues Covered Up Sexual Misconduct, Refuses To Retract Claims After Lawsuit Threat - 6/7/2022

More Than 40 Churches And Pro-Life Groups Have Been Attacked, But You Wouldn't Know It From Mainstream Media - 6/15/2022

RNC Chair Blasts Dems' Hypocrisy For Pointing Fingers Over Paul Pelosi, But Ignoring Attacks On Lee Zeldin, Kavanaugh - 10/30/2022

Two Native Hawaiians Guilty Of Hate Crime In Brutal Beating Of White Man, Federal Jury Finds: 'You've Got The Wrong F****** Color Skin' - 11/22/2022

Biden, Media Taunt Struggling Americans By Insisting 6.5% Inflation Is A Good Thing - 1/13/2023

5 Times Media Ran Cover For Biden In Classified Docuemnts Scandal - 1/16/2023

CBS News Reporter Frustrates Jean-Pierre For Exposing Hole In Excuse For Hiding Details About Biden Classified Docs - 1/18/2023

PURE EVIL: Politifact Defends Joe Biden Pawing, Groping, Rubbing Little Children And Women - 1/18/2023

COVER UP: National Archives Tells Rep. Comer it Has To Consult With The Justice Department Beforn Sharing Biden Document Info With Congress - 1/18/2023

Corporate Media Cover For Biden Amid Worst Illegal Immigration Influx In U.S. History - 1/23/2023

'I Can't Believe You Asked That': McCarthy Shuts Down Reporters For Pushing Dem Narrative On Rep. Ilhan Omar's Committee Removal - 2/3/2023

Trans Activists Stage Capitol Insurrection, Yet Corporate Media Are Completely Silent - 2/7/2023

You've Got To See The Pic: Media Literally Changed Race Of Florida Bus Attacker - Report - 2/8/2023

Ex-MSNBC Host Says She Couldn't Criticize Hilary Clinton Without Network's Approval - 2/14/2023

6 Stories Being LIED ABOUT All To Preserve FAR-LEFT POWER - 2/16/2023

Utterly Tone Deaf Media Praises Biden's 'Historic' Trip To Ukraine While Ohio Suffers - 2/20/2023

Microsoft-Tied NewsGuard Was Paid By Feds While It Censored Conservative Media, Including MRCTV - 3/13/2023

'Absolutely Damning' NPR Report Accuses Rolling Stone Of Covering Up Child Porn Charges In Article On FBI Raid Of Star Jounalist's Home - 3/21/2023

In Story On Suppressed October Surprises, NYT Once Again Ignores Hunter Biden Laptop - 4/5/2023

Glenn Greenwald Bashes Journalists For 'Demanding That The Government Clamp Down' On 'Secrets' After Pentagon Leaks - 4/14/2023

CRAZY: San Fanscisco Chronicle Reporter Shared That California GOP Are For DeSantis When Straw Poll Showed The Total Opposite - California Is SUPER MAGA - 4/19/2023

MSM Goes All Out Covering Up For Biden: No 'Big Scandals' To See Here - 4/24/2023

LA Times Denies Submitting Question Seen On Biden's Reporter Cheat Sheet - 4/27/2023

Fox Reportedly Not Releaseing Tucker Carlson's Documentary About Tyranny In Canada - 5/1/2023

Legacy Media Back Transgender Mob's Attack On Montana's Capitol - 5/2/2023

Biden's Corruption Is Everything Corporate Media Hoped To Get Out Of Trump, So They Won't Cover It - 5/8/2023

New Evidence Reveals Deep State Behind "Hispanic Nazi Mass Shooter" Conspiracy - Photos Came From Previously Unrelated NY Post Article - COMPLETE LIES! - 5/9/2023

CONFIRMED: Natasha Bertrand Of Politico Flat Out Lied In Politico's Hunter Biden Laptop Story In 2020 - 5/10/2023

Why Legacy Media Won't Cover The CIA's Alleged Attempt To Influence The 2020 Election - 5/10/2023

Fetterman's Handlers And Allies In The Liberal Media Caught Deceptively Doctoring Quotes To Make Him Sound Coherent - 5/18/2023

After Downplaying East Palestine Disaster Coastal Media Elites Panic Over Wildfire Haze in NYC - 6/9/2023

Kevin McCarthy Takes CNN Reporter To Task For Weaponizing Disgraced Big State Operatives Against Conservatives - 6/12/2023

Not A Word By Any Major Mainstream Media On The Greatest Political Scandal In US History - The Biden Family Multi-Million Dollar Crime Spree - 6/14/2023

When LGBT Activists Flood Target With Bomb Threats, Media Pretend Conseratives Did It - 6/14/2023

Fake 'Fact-Checker' Hides Truth About California Bill That Would Strip Kids From Their Parents - 6/21/2023

Legacy Newspapers Bury Hunter Biden Bombshell On Page 15 - 6/23/2023

CNN Host Abruptly Ends Segment When Guest Whips Out The Facts About Affirmative Action's Impact On Asian Students - 6/30/2023

Corrupt Media Care More About 'Qanon' Than Human Trafficking - 7/10/2023

Fake News In Action: Mainstream Media Devotes "ZERO" SECONDS  To Joe Biden's Multi-Million Dollar Bribery Scandal - 527 MINUTES To Trump's Garbage Indictments - 7/21/2023

Media Invent New Biden Standard: 'Proof' And A 'Smoking Gun' Of Bribery Scheme Or it's Not A Scandal At All - 8/1/2023

Mainstream Media Silent As Biden Purges 442 Reporters From White House - 8/6/2023

Bill Maher On Hunter Biden Scandals: If It Was Trump Jr. The Media Would Cover It 'Every Day' - 9/7/2023

Media Desperatley Spin New FBI Agent Testimony To Discredit IRS Whistleblowers. But There's More To The Story. - 9/13/2023

Biden Regime Issues Marching Orders To Mainstream Media Cranks Over Brewing Impeachment: "It's Time For The Media To Ramp up Its Scrutiny Of House Republicans" - 9/14/2023

Here's What The Media Doesn't Want You To Know About The Violent Crime Plaguing Our Citites - 9/19/2023

Elon Musk Calls Out Lack Of 'Legacy Media Coverage' On Border Crisis - 9/21/2023

Guest Schools Bill Maher, Sam Harris Over Double Standard Media Give Biden After Speaking Truth About Trump-Russia Lie - 10/2/2023

Here's Why The Media's Lies About Rep. Jamaal Bowman Should Concern You - 10/3/2023

4 Important Stories Corporate Media Missed Last Week - 10/16/2023

Media Help Democrats Like Newsom Bash Judges But Lost Their Minds When Trump Did The Same - 10/23/2023

John Harwood Labels The Idea That People Are Being Crushed By A Bad Economy As 'Crazy Bulls**t' - 1/31/2024

Many Reporters Paid For Covering The Russiagate Story - 2/16/2024