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Legacy/Main Stream Media: Lies

Exposed: 'Dan Rather And The Birth Of Fake News' - 9/23/2013

The Tet Offensive Revistited: Media's Big Lie - 1/30/2018

The Media Are Lying To You About Everything, Including The Riots - 6/3/2020

MSM Lies EXPOSED: 'There Is A Massive Cover-up Going On Right Now In This Country' - 6/8/2020

ICYMI: 750 Police Officers Were Injured In Floyd Protests, MSM Complicit in 'Lies' Says Barr - 6/13/2020

Breaking: New Video Exposes MSM Lies About Cop Shooting Girl w/Knife: Shows "Loving" Ma'Khia Bryant Screaming: "I'm Gonna Stab the F--k Out Of You, Bitch!" As She Lunged At 2 Unarmed Girls - 4/23/2021

Media, Left Rush To Claim Pride Parade Death As A Homophobic 'Terrorist Attack.'  It Was An Accident By Another Participant. - 6/20/2021

Senator Cotton TORCHES Lamestream Media For Covering And Reporting Chinese Propaganda, "They Are Apologists For Beijing" - 2/21/2022

PolitiFact Rates Fox Host's Claim About Russian Oil As 'Mostly False' Even While Admitting She Was Spot-On - 3/2/2022

Person Supposedly Interviewed In Recent Mainstream Media Article Has Been Dead For Years - 6/12/2022

USA Today Deletes 23 Articles After Reporter Is Caught Fabricating Information - 6/20/2022

AP Issues DIRE Warning Of Pro-Lifers Wielding 'Lawn Chairs And A Cooler' - Ignores Pro-Choice Attacks - 6/22/2022

After Appearing To Be Reporting Live From Ukraine War Zone, Former CNN Host Chris Cuomo Spotted 24 Hours Later In The Hamptons - 7/14/2022

Lindsey Graham Pushes Back Against New Allegations Against Herschel Walker: It's 'The Kavanaugh Storyline' - 10/27/2022

Outlets Falsely Report Clarence Thomas Dined WIth Ron DeSantis Day Before Striking Down Roe  v. Wade - 10/28/2022

Mainstream Publication Deletes Hit Piece On Ron DeSantis And Clarene Thomas After Key Fact Debunked - 10/28/2022

The Media Keep Lying To Protect Ilhan Omar - 2/2/2023

6 Stories Being LIED ABOUT All To Preserve FAR-LEFT POWER - 2/16/2023

For Five Straight Years, The Pulitzer Prizes Have Rewarded Misinformation - 3/22/2023

Newsweek Retracts 'Hideous Lie Of A Headline' Claiming Candace Owens Said Transgender Surgery Turned Nashville Shooter Into Monster - 3/28/2023

BuzzFeed, Vaulted Into Prominence By Posting Now-Discredited Steele Dossier, Closes News Division - 4/20/2023

EDITORIAL BOARD: Here's Everything The LA Times Got Wrong In Their Hit Piece About Us (Pretty Much All Of It) - 4/22/2023

'F*** Them': Bill Maher Denounces The Liberal Media For Routinely Attacking RFK Jr., Whom 80% Of Democratic Voters Want To See Debate Biden - 6/27/2023

Leftist Media Distort New Homelessness Study To Support Failed 'Housing First' Policies - 7/10/2023

Court Documents Reveal Buzzfeed's Shockingly Unethical Takedown Of Kevin Spacey - 8/7/2023

Predictable: Left-Wing Media Use Selective Editing To Smear Michigan MAGA State Rep, But We Have The Receipts! - 8/11/2023

Commentary: No, Wired, Having Children Isn't Immoral - 9/21/2023