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Legacy/Main Stream Media: New York Times

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'This Is GOLD': NYT Asks Candance Owens Where She Gets Her Ideas About Ukraine - And Immediately Regrets It - 3/22/2022

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Tucker Carlson Needs Only A Single Picture To Respond To New York Times 'Bombshell' Hit Piece On Him - 5/3/2022

Maye Musk Uses 1 Tweet To Beat Down NYT For 'White Privilege' Hit Piece On Her Son, Elon Musk - 5/6/2022

New York Times Refuses To Correct Fake News On Tucker Carlson And South Africa Farm Murders - 5/25/2022

NYT Smears GOP Rep. Mayra Flores With VILE Racist hit Piece, She Responds With Pure Class - 7/12/2022

'This Is Satanism': New York Times Gets Skewered For Suggesting There Is A 'Time And Place' For Cannibalism - 7/24/2022

New York Times Hires The Reporter Who Brought Steel Dossier To BuzzFeed To Cover 'Right-Wing Media' - 8/22/2022

Google Nukes Truth Social From App Store After New York Times Smears Platform As Haven For Extremism - 8/30/2022

New York Times Lampooned For Conspiracy Theory That Hispanic Americans Could Be The New Face Of 'White Supremacy' - 10/16/2022

'Conspiracy Theory' Criticized By NY Times Confirmed One Day Later: CEO Of Election-Software Company Arrested For Allegedly Giving Poll Worker Data To Communist Chinese Government - 10/5/2022

New York Times Protects Balenciaga Over Pedo Images - Blames QAnon Instead - 11/29/2022

Elon Musk Calls New York Times 'Lobbying Firm For Far-Left Politicians' After Paper Apparently Ran No Story About 'The Twitter Files' - 12/3/2022

New York Times Falsely Reports Percentage Of COVID-19 Deaths - 12/16/2022

Soros Org, Twitter, Meta, And NYT All Participated In Biden Leak 'Training Exercise' In 2020, A Month Before Laptop Story - 12/20/2022

New York Times Gets Universaly Torched Over Bizarre Article Sympathetic To FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried - 12/26/2022

Mating With 'Shorter People' Is A 'Step Toward A Greener Planet' Since Smaller Individuals Are 'Inherent Conservationists,' New York Times Op-Ed Claims - 1/3/2023

BREAKING: NYT Political Columnist Blake Hounshell Dead At 44 After Apparent Suicide - 1/10/2023

6 Reasons The NYT's Hit Job On John Durham's Imminent Report Instantly Unravels - 1/30/2023

'Scientists And Journalists Failed In Their Duty': National Security Experts Blast New York Times ANd Mainstream Journalists For Dismissing COVID-19 Lab Origins - 1/13/2023

Liberal Columbia Journalism Review Issues Scathing Indictment Of NYT And Fake News Media Over Years Of Fake Russiagate Coverage - 2/1/2023

Corrupt New York Times Freaks Out Over Gas Stoves, Downplays Poisonous Chemical Spill In Ohio - 2/17/2023

NY Times Editorial Board Memeber Questions Free Speech On Internet: 'I Don't Think We Can Allow It To Go On' (VIDEO) - 2/23/2023

In Story On Suppressed October Surprises, NYT Once Again Ignores Hunter Biden Laptop - 4/5/2023

NYT Introduces New Excuse: Gov't Can Function 'Without Healthy President' - 4/27/2023

Facts Of Biden Bribery Investigation Expose Old NYT Reporting As FBI-Fueled Fake News - 6/16/2023

NYT Offers Solution For Colleges To Circumvent SCOTUS Affirmative Action Ruling - 7/6/2023

New York Times Columnist: It's A 'Problem' For U.S. If 'Elites' Censor Speech - 7/8/2023

NYT Dedicates 766 Words to Indictment Of Gal Luft, Doesn't Mention Same Chinese Company Allegedly Paid Hunter - 7/12/2023

NY Times Makes Stunning Admission About Joe Biden's Role In Hunter's Business Deals: 'Textbook Gaslighting' - 8/1/2023

NYT Suddenly Reports 'It Has Long Been Known' Joe Biden Spoke With Hunter's Business Partners - 8/1/2023

Retcon Climate Science Blames Humans For Fires 13,000 Years Ago - 9/1/2023

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Lies About 'Highly Credible' Source Claims Were Leaked To NYT And Spoonfed To Weiss - 9/5/2023

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New York Ties Sues OpenAI And Microsoft, Alleging Copyright Infringement - 12/27/2023

OpenAI Claims It Cannot Advance If Not Allowed To Use Copyrighted Material Amid NYT Lawsuit - 1/9/2024

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