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Russia - Ukraine: Azov Battalion

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Viktor Shokin Says Ukraine's Azov Battalion Was Used To Intimidate And Threaten Titanium Oligarch, Dmitry Firtash - 12/5/2015

Congress Has Removed A Ban On Funding Neo-Nazis From Its Year-End Spending Bill - 1/15/2016

US Congress Quietly Enables Funding For Ukrainian Neo-Nazi-Led Azov Regiment - 2/2/2016

U.S. Senators Graham, McCain To Visit Ukraine On New Year's Eve -- 12/28/2016

Ukrainian Presdietn Petro Poroshenko, Posts A Video Clip Of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Amy Klobuchar And Maria Yovanovitch Supporting Ukrainina Soldiers To Battle With Russia - 1/2/2017

No Cash For Fascists: US Congress Won't Fund Ukraine's Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion - 5/4/2017

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Ukraine's State-Sponsored "Azov Battalion" Expands Use Of Nazi-Inspired Symbols - 4/10/2018

America Colludes With Neo-Nazis In Ukraine [While They're Condemned In America] - 5/2/2018

An FBI Affidavit States Ukraine's Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion Is "Training And Radicalizing American White Supremacy Organizations" - 10/20/2018

Marie Yovanovitch Testifies About Her Long Relationship With Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Official, Arsen Avakov And His Fear Of Rudy Giuliani Snooping Around - 10/11/2019

House Democrats Just Demanded These Neo-Nazi Groups Be Prosecuted As International Terrorists - 10/16/2019

U.S. Democrat Rep. Max Rose Demands Ukraine's Azov Battalion Be Designated As Terrorists - 10/21/2019

WH Readout Of Biden Call With Macron Doesn't Match France's - Look What They Left Out - 8/23/2021

Facebook Allows Praise Of Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Battalion If It Fights Russian Invation - 2/24/2022

Facebook Reverses Policy And Allows Praise Of Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Azov Battalion, If It Fights Russia - 2/24/2022

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The Rise Above Movement, Patriot Front And Azov Battalion - 6/14/2022

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New York Times Finally Acknowledges Nazis Fighting For Ukraine - Then Attempts To Justify With Their "Complicated History" - 6/6/2023