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Spy Balloons & UFOs: Alaska Spy Balloon

Breaking: High Altitude Object Shot Down Over Alaska On Biden's Orders - 2/10/2023

Breaking: Pentagon Shoots Down New 'Threat' In US Airspace - 2/10/2023

US Shoots Down 'High-Altitude Object' Over Alaska: White House - 2/10/2023

'High-Altitude Object' Shot Down Over Alaska Entered US Airspace Before It Was Detected - 2/11/2023

NBC's Chuck Todd Blasts Biden Regime For Lack Of Transparency Related To 'High-Altitude Object' Shot Down Over Alaska (VIDEO) - 2/12/2023

Schumer Says U.S. Officials Believe UFOs Shot Down Over Alaska And Canada Were Balloons - 2/12/2023

Two Objects Show Down By Fighter Jets Believed To Be Balloons, Officials Say, Marked Three In Week - 2/12/2023

US Says Two Objects Shot Down Over US And Canada Were Smaller Balloons - 2/12/2023

Pilots Who Shot Down Object Over Alaska Say It 'Interfered With Sensors' - Saw No Identifiable Propulsion - 2/12/2023

Did Biden Authorize Fighter Jets To Use $400,000 Missles To Shoot Down Hobby Club's Balloon? - 2/17/2023

Newsmax Reporter Grills John Kirby On Biden's Decision To Use $400,000 Missiles To Shoot Down Benign Objects (VIDEO) - 2/17/2023

Illinois Amateur Balloon Club Says Its Balloon Over Alaska Went Missing After US Fighter Jet Shot Down Unidentified Flying Object In Same Area - 2/18/2023

How Convenient. Recovery Operation Called Off After US Unable To Locate Debris From Objects Shot Down Over Alaska And Lake Huron - 2/18/2023

"We May Never Know" - John Kirby Amid Reports Biden Ordered $10 Hobby Balloon Shot Down By $400,000 Missle (VIDEO) - 2/19/2023

Biden Himiliated After Hobby Club's Science Balloon Is Reported As 'Missing In Action' - 2/20/2023

NORTHCOM Shocks Nation By Suspending Search For Downed Objects - What Really Happened? - 2/23/2023