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Spy Balloons & UFOs: Unidentified Flying Objects

Schumer Says U.S. Officials Believe UFOs Shot Down Over Alaska And Canada Were Balloons - 2/12/2023

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Balloons And UFOs: Here's What's Happened, And What We Know - 2/12/2023

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'Spacecraft' Of 'Non-Human Origin' In U.S. Possession, Says Intelligence Official Whistleblower - 6/6/2023

"We're Definitely Not Alone" - U.S. Possess "Non-Human Origin" Aircraft With Pilot Remains, Reveals Decorated Combat Veteran Turned UFO Whistleblower (VIDEO) - 6/6/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Marine Vet Breaks 14-Year Silence To Make Astonishing Claim That His Six-Man Unit Saw A Hovering Octagonal UFO Being Loaded With WEAPONS By Unmarked US Forces Who Threatened Them At Gunpoint While Serving In Indonesia In 2009 - 6/9/2023

Pentagon Launches New Website On UFO Sightings - 'A One-Stop Shop' With Declassified Photos, Videos - 9/1/2023

Lawmakers Accuse Intelligence Community Of UFO Stonewalling - 12/1/2023

Chicago Photographer Captures Multi-Colored UFO, Experts Blown Away - 12/17/2023