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United Auto Workers (UAW) Strike 2023

Former Union President Says Auto Workers 'Feel Abandoned By The Democratic Party' As Union Criticizes Biden's EV Push - 9/14/2023

Workers Walk Out At Three Major Auto Factories After Biden Predictd Strike Wouldn't Happen - 9/15/2023

UAW Launches Strike Against Big 3 Automakers - 9/15/2023

UAW Striking At Ford, GM And Stellantis - 9/15/2023

'Electric Cars Are Losing Us Money': UAW Member Slams Biden's Push For EVs - 9/15/2023

Democrat Push For Electric Vehicles A Major Source Of Auto Industry Pain Amid Historic Strike - 9/17/2023

Fetterman Speaks Gibberish About Yachts As He Joins Auto Union Picket Line In Michigan (VIDEO) - 9/17/2023

'Replace Him': Striking Auto Workers Reject Biden's Backing - 9/18/2023

The Biggest Winner Of The Auto Workers Strike Could Be Elon Musk - 9/18/2023

Trump Plans To Skip Ssecond GOP Debate To Rally With Striking Autoworkers -9/19/2023

Democrats Sound The Alarm After Trump Outfoxes Joe Biden On Auto Union Strike - 9/19/2023

Auto Union Threatens Even More Strikes If A Deal Isn't Reached By End Of Week - 9/19/2023

Biden Flip-Flops On Decision To Send Officials To Meet With Striking Auto Workers - 9/19/2023

Democrats Panic Over Trump Campaign's 'Kinda Genious' Strategy Amid Auto Worker Strike: 'Trump Scooped Us' - 9/20/2023

Joe Biden Caught On Hit Mic Making Snarky Remark About The Auto Union Strike to Netanyahu As handlers Shoo Away Press (VIDEO) - 9/20/2023

Striking Autoworkers Will Only Harm Their Own Livelihoods - 9/20/2023

DAVID BLACKMON: The UAW Strike Could Be The Last Gasp Of A Dying Industry - 9/20/2023

Biden To Mich. On Tues. For UAW Strike, UAW Leaked Texts Reveal No Intent To Stop Striking Or Bargain Honestly - 9/22/2023

UAW Annonces Significant expansion Of Strike At GM, Stellantis But Reports Progress In Talks At Ford - 9/22/2023

Biden To Join Picket Line With Striking Autoworkers As Negotiations Intesify - 9/22/2023

"The Hill" Misstates Trumps' Statement On UAW Strike - 9/23/2023

Autoworkers Strike Expands Ahead of Expected Appearances From Trump Biden - 9/23/2023

White House Swears Biden's Visit To Striking Workers Isn't Because Of Trump - 9/25/2023

Ford Halts Controversial Battery Plant Amid Strikes From Auto Workers Union - 9/25/2023

Sen. Josh Hawley Shows Up At UAW Picket Line, Offers Blunt Solution To Worker Grievances: 'Invest In America' - 9/26/2023

'Why Won't ANYONE Say THIS In A Debate?!' The REAL Problem With Auto Workers Strike - 9/28/2023

UAW Announces New Strike At GM And Ford Plants - 9/29/2023

'Cast A Long Shadow': UAW Strike Costs Billions In Losses With No End In Sight - 10/7/2023

UAW And Ford Negotiators Reach Agreement On New Contract - 10/25/2023

Another Automaker Agrees To New Contract With UAW - 10/28/2023

Plot Twist: UAW Expands Strike Against GM Hours After Reaching Deal With Rival - 10/28/2023

GM, Autoworkers Union Reach Tentative Deal To End Strike, Reports - 10/30/2023