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Activism & Punishments: Cancel Culture & Penalties

Former Olympic Medalist Says Biological Men Shouldn't Compete In Women's Sports - And Gets Blasted As 'Transphobic' - 3/4/2019

Parents Refuse To Facilitate 'Sex Change' Of Autistic Son, So Authorities Threaten To Put Him In Foster Care - 3/20/2019

Heterosexuals Who Reject Dating Transgenders Now Dubbed "Transprejudice" - Re-Education To Follow - 6/20/2019

God-Fearing Flight Attendant Asks Single Question On Internal Message Board, Gets Attacked And Cancelled By Woke Airline - 9/26/2021

Twitter Bans More Big-Name Conservatives Critical Of Biological Males Winning Awards Meant For Women - 3/22/2022

Left-Wing Critics Say Bill Maher Should Be 'Canceled' Over LGBTQ Comments - 5/27/2022

Chicago Mother Loses Custody Of Daughter After Denying Child Is Transgender: 'My Child Is A Girl' - 7/29/2022

Valedictorian Could Lose License To Practice Over Graduation Speech Bucking Radical Gender Theory: Report - 9/13/2022

AMA Leads Push For DOJ, Big Tech Action To Quash 'Disinformation' About 'Gender Affirming' Care - 10/6/2022

University Of Michigan Medical Professional Fired For Resisting Gender Ideology Demands: Lawsuit - 10/12/2022

Parents Lose Appeal For Custody Of Teen identifying As Transgender, Told They Can't Discuss Gender Identity With Child Outside Of Therapy - 10/27/2022

'Radical Feminist' Elementary School Counselor Sues District For Firing Her After She Denounced 'Gender Identity Ideology' At Public Rally - 11/17/2022

NBC 'Journalist' Claims Reporting On The Sexualization Of Children Is 'Anti-LGBTQ' - 11/22/2022

Top Biden Official Pushed Big Tech To Censor 'Misinformation' On Trans 'Care' For Minors, Video Shows - 12/27/2022

Vimeo Removes 'Dead Name' Documentary About Parents Of 'Transgender' Kids For 'Hateful Conduct' - 1/25/2023

BREAKING: Vimeo REMOVES Affirmation Generation Documentary Amid Backlash From Trans Activists - 2/22/2023

Over 30,000 Petition In Defense Of Former Police Officer's Free Speech Rights - 3/8/2023

BRAVE MOM Tearfully Begs Woke Mob Not To Hurt Her Children After Reveiving Threats For Exposing Popular Transgender's Grooming Messages Directed At Troubled Kids [VIDEO] - 3/14/2023

TX Doctor Thrown Out Of Senate During Gender Reassignment Fight - Here's What Reporters Got Wrong - 3/20/2023

Transgender Activists Attack Far-Left Pundit Ana Kasparian for Dissenting From The LGBTQ Agenda: 'F*** Off With This Stupid Made Up Bulls**t' - 3/22/2023

'Hostile' DeSantis Policies Lead Florida LGBTQ Group To Warn State May Not Be Safe To Visit, Live In; State NAACP Issued Similar Travel Advisory - 4/13/2023

(VIDEO) "I Feel Like That Shold Be Illegal" - Trans Woman Dylan Mulvaney Thinks People Should Be Arrested For Referring To Him "Using 'He' Pronouns" - 4/28/2023

Pro-LGBT Group Mounts Effort To Pressure Bud Light To 'Stand In Solidartiy' With 'Trans Community' - 4/30/2023

'I Was Not Aware The Transgender Community Expects Fealty And Total Agreement': Dee Snider Issues Statement After Running Afoul Of The Militant LGBT Movement - 5/5/2023