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Detransitioning & Ex-Trangenders

Former Transgender Activist Warns Of Deadly, Disturbing Transition Dangers: 'We Are Manufacturing Transgender Kids' - 4/2/2019

'Hundreds' Of Young Trans People Seeking Help To Return To Original Sex - 10/5/2019

Women Who Regrets Becoming A Transgender Male 17 Years Ago Says Medical Professionals Should NOT Have Helped Her To Transition - And Claims Lots Of Other Transgender People Are Hiding Their Regrest - 11/29/2019

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Parent of 'De-Transitioned' Child Gives HEARTBREAKING Plea To Stop Trans Sanctuary Bill - 6/22/2022

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Ex-Transgender Teen Recounts 'Horrifying' Experience Of Transition, Surgery - 8/29/2022

Detransitioner Chloe Cole Gives Powerful Testimony Against 'Gender-Affirming Care' At Capitol - 9/20/2022

'My Breasts Were Beautiful And Now They Have Been Incinerated': Florida Board Of Medicine Hears Former Transsexuals' Regrets, Drafts Mutilation Ban - 10/29/2022

'I Destroyed A Family': Walt Tells How He Had Surgerty To Be Laura, Then Detransitioned After Regretting - 11/5/2022

Detransitioner Announces Lawsuit Against Hospital For 'Experimental' Transgender Hormone Therapy And Surgery: 'I Want To Hold The Adults That Put Me In Harm's Way Accountable' - 11/11/2022

Watch: Prominent Trans Activist Detransitioning After Finding Christ - Give Peek Behind Leftist Curtain - 11/16/2022

Former Transgender Navy SEAL Announces De-Transition, Says He Was 'Propagandized' And Pulled Into a 'Cult': 'Everyone Is Converting All These Kids Into Transgender' - 12/2/2022

'I REGRET Every Single Step': De-Transitioned Teem Exposes HEARTBREAKING Truth Of 'Gender-Affirming Care' - 12/5/2022

Detransitioner, Experts Issue Warning Over American Girl Pushing Gender Transitions: 'Protect Your Daughters' - 12/7/2022

Transgender Navy SEAL Detransitions, Warns Young People About The Trans Agenda And Exposes The VA (VIDEO) - 12/11/2022

'I Lived In Hell For The Past 10 Years': Navy SEAL Veteran Detransitions After Decade Living As A Woman - 12/26/2022

California Man: Hormone Therapy 'Almost Killed Me' - 12/30/2022

Mother Regrets Socially Transitioning 4-Year-Old Son To A Girl: 'Like Leaving A Cult' - 2/7/2023

'The Trans Community... Don't Care About Collateral Damage': De-Transitioner Suing Medical Practitioners Who Aided In Her Irreversible Mutilation - 2/23/2023

Detransitioner Chloe Cole Announces Official Lawsuit Against Kaiser Permanente For 'Medical Negligence' - 2/23/2023

VIDEO: Reporter, Cameraman Allegedly Attacked By 'Militant Anarchists' In 'Black Bloc' At Chloe Cole's Detransition Awareness Rally - 3/11/2023

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Girl Sues Hospital For Removing Her Breasts At Age 13 - 6/15/2023

Patients Who Regret Sex-Change Ops, Sue Doctors Pose Legal Challenges For Health Care Industry- 6/19/2023

De-Transitioned Individual Shares Her Story: 'I Kind Of Fell A Little Bit Mutilated And Like An Experiment Gone Wrong' - 6/20/2023

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Young Woman Shares "Heartbreaking" Details In House Regarding How Sick Medical Professionals Mutilated Her - Demands Federal Ban On Child Sex Changes (VIDEO) - 7/27/2023

Highlights From The House Hearing On Transgenderism - 7/28/2023

Detransitioned Texas Woman SUES Texas Health For PERMANENT DISFIGUREMENT - 'I Thought I Was Going To Die' - 7/28/2023

De-Transitioner Chloe Cole Demolishes Neil deGrasse Tyson For Claiming Genetics Are 'Insufficient' To Explain Gender - 8/2/2023

'TikTok Influencers Made Me Think I Was Transgender - Now I'm De-Transitioning,' Says Montana Teen Girl - 8/10/2023

Detrasitioned Teen Chloe Cole Censored By Instagram - 9/11/2023

Yet Another De-Transitioner Comes Forward, Suing Doctors Who She Claims Cut Her Up At 16 After Two Appointments And A Single Constulation: They 'Affirmed That Chaos Into Reality' - 9/15/2023

Victims Of Erasing sex Distinctions Lead Growing Coalition Against Trans Mutilation - 11/10/2023

New York Times Warns Of 'Ideological Extremism' By Transgender Activists, Stresses Detransitioners' Nightmare Of 'Gender-Affirming Care' As Children - 2/3/2024

LGBT Activists Tout Survey On 'Satisfaction' After Gender Transitions. There's Just One Problem - 2/18/2024

De-Transitioner Warns Shareholders That Disney Will Pay A Price For 'Stealing The Voices Of Thousands Of Little Ariels' - 4/5/2024

Children's Gender Clinic Whistleblower Tells Dr Phil Patients Were Begging 'To Have Breasts Put Back On' And Bosses Told Medics To 'Keep Silent' On De-Transitioners - 4/18/2024