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Michael Knowles Controversy 2023

FULL SPEECH: Michael Knowles - CPAC 2023 Washington D.C. - 3/4/2023

Michael Knowles Says Transgenderism Must Be 'Eradicated' At CPAC - 3/4/2023

Liberal News Site Walks Back Claim That CPAC Speaker Wants To 'Eradicate' Trans People - 3/4/2023

Daily Beast, HuffPo, Rolling Stone All LIE, Claim Michael Knowles Called For Transgender People To Be 'Eradicated' During CPAC Speech - 3/5/2023

Knowles At CPAC: 'There Is No Meeting Halfway Between Truth And Falsehood' - 3/5/2023

Michael Knowles Hits Back When Left Distors CPAC Speech Saying 'Transgenderism Must Be Eradicated' - 3/5/2023

Outlets Forced To Change Headlines After Michael Knowles' CPAC Speech - 3/6/2023

Leftist Media Backtracks After False Reports That Conservative Host Said At CPAC That Transgender People 'Must Be Eradicated' - 3/6/2023

What Does Michael Knowles Mean When He Calls For 'Eradication' Of Transgenderism? - 3/6/2023

CPAC Speaker Michael Knowles Says "Transgenderism Must Be Eradicated" - 3/6/2023

CPAC Speaker Calls For Eradication Of 'Transgenderism' - And Somehow Claims He's Not Calling For Elimination Of Transgender People - 3/6/2023

CPAC Speaker Michael Knowles Calls For Trangender People To Be 'Eradicated From Public Life Entirely' - 3/6/2023

CPAC Speaker Called For The Trans Community To Be 'Eradicate,' Is Now Splitting Hairs Over What Consitutues 'Genocide' - 3/6/2023

'Extreme Even For The Fake News': Nichael Knowles Mentioned Accusations Of Genocide Shocked Him - 3/7/2023

Michael Knowles Calls For Complete Eradication Of "Transgenderism" - 3/8/2023

Professor Encourages Studetns To Protest Speaker Who Called For 'Eradicating' Transgenderism: REPORT - 3/8/2023

Trans Students In Buffalo Tell Micheal Knowles They Won't Be 'Eradicated' - 3/10/2023

Purdue Community Hosts A Drag Show As Anti-Trans Speaker Michael Knowles Visits Campus - 3/24/2023

Purdue LGBT Activists: Michael Knowles Wants 'Genocide' Of 'Trans People' - 3/24/2023