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U.S. State Department Tied To Child Trafficking Operation With Billionaire Epstein (Video) - 4/4/2017

UN Peacekeepers In Haiti Implicated In Child Sex Ring - 4/15/2017

Former Child Actor Cole Sprouse Says Disney 'Heavily Sexualized' Young Girls At The Network - 4/5/2022

Marvel Actress And Husband Convicted On Child Sex Charges: Report - 5/12/2022

Found On Laptop: Hunter Biden Posted Videos To Site Widely Known For Human Trafficking - 6/2/2022

Star Of 'The Flash' Accused Of Sick Child Trafficking Charges... - 6/14/2022

Google Worker Fired For Blowing The Whistle On 'Spiritual Organization' Within Company That's Been Accused Of Sex Trafficking - 6/19/2022

New Zealand Operator Pleads Guilty To Sex Trafficking US Women - 8/1/2022

Former Nickelodeon Star Jenette McCurdy Says Children's Cable Network Offered $300,000 In 'Hush Money' Not To Reveal Offers Of Unwanted Massages And Underage Alcohol - 8/7/2022

Project Veritas: HHS Whistleblower Reveals 'Tax Dollars' Spent To 'Put Children In The Hands Of Criminals' ... Migrant Child: My Female Sponsor 'Would Pimp Me To Men' (VIDEO) - 11/29/2022

HHS Whistleblower Says The Government Is Complicit In The Trafficking Of Unaccompanied Minors - 11/30/2022

'Smallville' Actress Claims She Joined Sex Cult To Jump-Start Her Career - 12/28/2022

Church of Scientology Leader Officially Served In Federal Human Trafficking Lawsuit After Judge Rules David Miscavige Was 'Actively Concealing His Whereabouts' - 2/18/2023

Hollywood Producer Sentenced For Running Prostitution Ring That Supplied Well Known Wealthy Clients - 2/11/2023