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Pedophilla: Sex Trafficking: Sting Operations & Busts

Roseanne Tweets Support Of Trump Conspiracy Theory, Confuses Twitter - 3/31/2018

Nearly 1,700 Suspected Child Sex Predators Arrested During Operation "Broken Heart" - 6/11/2019

Why The MSM Is Ignoring Trump's Sex Trafficking Busts - 2/25/2017

Nearly 500 People Arrested In California In Human Trafficking Sting Operation - 2/20/2022

Police Rescue 14-Year-Old At Walmart From 3 Men Who Allegedly Forced Her Into Prostitution After She Went Missing - 2/24/2023

WATCH: Four Disney Employees, Retired Judge Among The 108 Arrested In Human Trafficking Sting In Central Florida: Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd - 3/16/2022

Florida Man Arrested On Hundreds Of Charges Of Possessing Child And Animal Pornography, Then Police Allegedly Find Evidence Of Far Worse At His Home - 4/14/2023

15-Year-Old Went Missing After Going To The Bathroom At A Dallas Mavericks Game. Her Parents Found Her Through Sex Trafficking Ads On The Internet. - 5/12/2022

Massive Law Enforcement Operation Leads To The Rescue Of 121 Trafficked And Missing Children - 8/16/2022

Disney Employee, Corrections Officer, Deputy Police Chief, Teachers, Among 160 Arrested In Florida During Undercover Operation Targeting Human Trafficking - 9/11/2022

Sting Operation Arrests 13 Accused Of Wanting To 'Sexually Abuse, Groom' Children, Including Disney Employee And IT Guy Who Protects Students From Online Predators - 9/16/2022

Child Sex-Abuse Cases No Longer 'Priority' For FBI Amid January 6 Investigation, Whistleblower Claims - 9/20/2022

FBI Accused Of Pulling Agents Off Child Sex Abuse Cases To Investigate Jan. 6 - 9/20/2022

Multi-Agency Sting Op Exposes Human Trafficking In Many Unexpected Professions - Is Anything Safe? - 1/26/2023

368 Arrested, 131 Rescued In Sex Trafficking Operation In California - 2/2/2023

Child Sexual Abuse Rescue Operation Saves 28 Children, 59 Individuals Arrested - 2/21/2023

Human Trafficking Bust Results In 48 Arrests - 2/25/2023

18-Year-Old Chained To A Bed And Raped For A Month Before Escaping Two Captors And Getting Help From Neighbor, Texas Police Say - 7/17/2023

13-Year-Old Kidnapped In Texas Escapes Rapist After Placing Paper With 'Help' Message On Car Window In California, Police Say - 7/20/2023

Police Arrest Man On Sex Trafficking Charges After Authorities Realize '17-Year-Old' Student Is Much Older - 7/23/2023

Operation Cross Country: FBI Locates 200 Victims Of Sex Trafficking, 59 Missing Children, And Arrests 194 Suspects In Nationwide Effort - 8/2/2023

Dozens Arrested Over Alleged Child Sex Abuse Following Murder Of Two FBI Agents - 8/8/2023

Florida Teacher, Disney Employees Among 219 Arrested In Human Trafficking Operation - 9/30/2023