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Transgenderism: Degrading Of Women & Womanhood

Rape Victim Is Forced To Quit Her Therapy Sessions Because She Feels Threatened By A 6ft Trans Woman In Men's Clothes Who - A Woke Charity Insists - Has As Much Right To Be There As She Does - 11/27/2021

Vermont High School Under Fire As Girls Parents Push Back Against Biologically Male Trans Student Using Female Locker Room - 10/2/2022

Vermont Girls Volleyball Team Banned From Its Own Locker Room After Objecting To Transgender Student Changing Clothes There - 10/2/2022

High School Girls Explain Why They're Uncomfortable Having A Biological Male In Their Locker Room - 10/13/2022

Federal Court: Constitution Protects Beauty Pagent's Right To Exclude Transsexual Whose Presence Undercuts Expression Of Real Womanhood - 11/4/2022

Joe Rogan In Interview With Matt Walsh Praises 'Masterfully' Produced 'What Is A Woman?' - 11/7/2022

Why The Redefinition Of The Word 'Woman' Matters - 12/15/2022

'They Think They're God,' Tulsi Gabbard Says Of People 'Trying To Erase Us As Women' - 3/5/2023

Twitter User Fed Up After Jill Biden Awards Man WIth 'Woman Of The Year' - AGAIN!  3/9/2023

White House Gives International Women's Day Award To Biological Man - 3/9/2023

Vermont Christian School Banned From Future Sporting Events After Forfeiting Girl's Basketball Game Against Team With Trans Player - 3/14/2023

Twitter Bans More Big-Name Conservatives Critical Of Biological Males Winning Awards Meant For Women - 3/22/2022

Female Cyclist Retires Because Of Male Competitors: Women 'No Longer Have A Fair Chance' - 3/23/2023

You've Probably Never Been 'Woman Of The Year,' But These Men Have - 3/24/2023

Female Swimmer Shreds ESPN For Promoting Trans Swimmer In 'Celebrating Women's History Month' - 3/26/2023

College Sorority Faces Lawsuit After Admitting Male Member: He 'Had An Erection Visible Through His Leggings' - 3/29/2023

Transgender Inc.: A Running List Of Corporate Gender Insanity Insulting Women, Kids, And Reality - 4/5/2023

Biden Regime Proposes New Rule Which Will Allow Biological Men To Compete In Women's Sports - (William) Lia Thomas Praises Actions - Champion Female Swimmer Riley Gainse Says Proposed Bill Denies Science, Thruth, And Common Sense (VIDEO) - 4/18/2023

WTF? Corporate America Is Canceling Mother's Day - 4/24/2023

Researcher Ousted For 'Dangerous' Study Into Censorship Of Feminists In Academia Who Don't Buy Into Transgenderism - 4/25/2023

Giant Transgender (Bio Male) Student At SoCal High School Assaults Girl After Exposing His Genitals In Girls' Locker Room (VIDEO) - 4/28/2023

Megyn Kelly Torches Dylan Mulvaney For Complaining Companies Just Want Him To 'Check A Box' - 4/29/2023

Video: Trans Student 'Born Male' Who Allegedly Showed 'His Genitals' In HS Girls' Locker Room Absolutely Towers Over Girl In Lunchtime Fight - 5/1/2023

Pulitzer Prizes Blasted Over Conferring Once-Prestigious Award Upon Porn-Obsessed Transvestite Whose 2019 Thesis Was That 'Getting F***** Makes You Female' - 5/11/2023