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Transgenderism: Legislative Support & Pushback

Massachusetts' Republican Governor Signs Ban On Conversion Therapy For Children - 4/9/2019

DeSantis Suspends Progressive, Soros-Backed State Attorney Who Vowed Not To Enforce State Laws On Abortion And Child Sex Operations: 'When You Make Yourself Above The Law, You Have Violated Your Duty' - 8/4/2022

Appeals Court Halts Federal Rule Forcing Religious Doctors To Perform Gender Transitions - 12/9/2022

Utah Republicans Pass Ban On Trans Procedures For Minors, Gov. Spencer Cox Not Likely To Veto - 1/28/2023

Video: Prostitutes Solicit Sex Right Outside Catholic Elementary School, Police Handcuffed After California Democrats Passed Law To Protect Transgender Sex Workers - 2/5/2023

Dem Defends Christian School Team Ban To Support Woke Agenda - 3/26/2023

Kentucky Legislature Overrides Governor's Veto Of Transgender Care Restrictions - 3/29/2023

Washington State Passes Bill Allowing Government To Take Away Minor From Parents If They Refuse To Agree To Gender Transition Surgery - 4/14/2023

Dems Pass Bill Allowing Children To Be Kept From Parents - 4/15/2023

Governor Uses Federal COVID Funds To Launch Transgender Website - 4/15/2023

Biden's Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Refuses Three Times To Answer The Questions: What Is A Woman? (VIDEO) - 4/18/2023

Unhinged Florida State Rep. Claims Girls Will Cut Off Their Own Breasts If they Can't Set Sex Change Surgeries (VIDEO) - 4/20/2023

Transgender-Identified Montana Lawmaker Censured For 'Hate-Filled' Comments - 4/21/2023

Biden DOJ Challenges Tennessee's Ban On Genital Mutilation Of Children: 'Fedearl Overreach At Its Worst' - 4/27/2023

Kansas GOP Lawmakers Enact Sweeping Transgender Bathroom Law, Override Democrat Governor's Veto - 4/27/2023

Leftist Minnesota Just Gave State Power To Take Kids Away If Parents Don't Approve Gender Surgery - 4/28/2023

Minnesota Democrat Signs Bill Banning Free Speech For Therapists Of People Struggling With Sexual Distress - 5/1/2023

Transvestite Cleared Of Exposing His Genitals To Women At Ohio YMCA After Judge Ruled His Fat Played A Concealing Role - 5/8/2023

Washington Democrat Governor Insless Signs Controversial Bill Allowing Government To Take Away Minors From Parents If They Refuse To Agree To Gender Transition Surgery (VIDEO) - 5/10/2023

Republican-Backed Bill Would Prohibit Performing Gender Transitions On Minors, Slap Violators WIth Fine And/Or Imprisonment - 5/15/2023