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Socialism & Marxism: Trudeau In Action

Fidel Castro: Justin Trudeau Ridiculed Over Praise Of 'Remarkable Leader - 11/27/2016

Justin Trudeau Invokes Never Before Used Power To Exert His Tyrann Over Canadian Demanding Freedom - 2/17/2022

Justin Trudeau Makes UNPRECEDENTED Power Grab To Exert His Tyranny Over Canadians Demanding Freedom - 2/17/2022

Trudeau Has A Special Hatred For Trump Supporters...And Will Freeze Bank Accounts (VIDEO) - 2/17/2022

Breaking: Canadian Authorities Annouce Media Could Be Arrested During Trucker Roundup, Issue Warning to Reporters - 2/18/2022

Jewish Experts, Professors Condemn Trudeau's Nazi 'Smear Campaign' Against Freedom Convoy Protesters - 2/18/2022

LILLEY: World Laughs As Trudeau Claims To 'Stand Against Authoritarianism' - 2/23/2022

So...He's Talking About Himself?':  Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Says There Has Been 'Slippage' In Democracies And Nations Have Adopted 'Slightly More Authoritarian Leaders' - 3/6/2022

BREAKING: Trudeau Moves To Implement 'National Freeze' On Handgun Sales Across Canada - 5/30/2022

EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Vigano Addresses Comments By Canada's Trudeau And Pope Francis On Catholic Church That Brought Christianity To Canada - 8/2/2022

COVID Enforcer And Climate Warrior Justin Trudeau Lands In Costa Rica On Private Jet, Unmasked With His Family As Canadians Suffer - 8/7/2022

Canada Partners With WEF To Unleash Digital IDs - Is The US Next? - 8/18/2022

Canada's Invasive Travel App Doesn't Control Covid - It Controls You - 8/24/2022

Canada Is Euthanizing Its Sick And Poor. Welcome To World Of Government Health Care - 8/24/2022

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Canadian Government Forces Dairy Farmer To Dump 30,000 Liters Of Milk Becuase He Exceeded His Quota (VIDEO) - 2/2/2023

'Strickly Forbidden': Canadian Official Tells Eric Adams To Stop Busing Illegal Migrants North - 2/13/2023

Canada's Top Intelligence Agency: Chinese Communist Regime Worked To Help Justin Trudeau Win 2021 Election, Calling His Liberals 'The Only Party That The PRC Can Support' - 2/20/2023