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Congress: Speaker Ousting 2023

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Some House Republicans Seek To Expel Matt Gaetz Pending Report From Ethics Committee - 10/1/2023

House Votes To Oust McCarthy As Speaker, First Time In U.S. History - 10/3/2023

Breaking: McCathy Removed In Historic Vote, 1st Time House Speaker Voted Out - 10/3/2023

BREAKING: House Votes To Boot McCarthy From Speakership - 10/3/2023

Kevin McCarthy Loses Speakership Amid Gaetz-Led Charge - 10/3/2023

McCarthy Ousted From Speakership After Democrats Side WIth Matt Gaetz - 10/3/2023

BREAKING: McCarthy Announces He Won't Seek Speakership Again After Being Ousted From The Role - 10/3/2023

After Ouster, McCarthy Will Not Seek To Reclaim Speaker's Gavel In Next Leadership Fight - 10/3/2023

Following Historic McCarthy Ouster, House Republicans Mull Next Moves - 10/3/2023

ANALYSIS: Behind The Historic Vote To Oust McCarthy As Speaker - 10/3/2023

First Acti By Interim Speaker Of The House Is To Evict Nancy Pelosi From Hideaway Office: 'The Room Will Be Re-Keyed' - 10/3/2023

Jim Jordan To Run For House Speaker Following McCarthy's Removal - 10/4/2023

Jim Jordan Announces Run For Speaker Of The House; Targets Law And Order, Federal Spending, And Border Control - 10/4/2023

Steve Scalise Announces Run For Speaker Of The House - 10/4/2023

GOP House Majority Leader Scalise Enters Speaker Race - 10/4/2023

Republicans Exact More 'Revenge' On Democrats, Evict Second Top Dem From Capitol Office: 'Expect More Of This' - 10/4/2023

The Story Gets Even Better: GOP Lawmaker Reveals Who Is Moving INto Nancy Pelosi's Hideaway Office In Capitol - 10/5/2023

Scalise Secures GOP Speaker Nomination But Unclear If He Has Enough Votes On Floor - 10/11/2023

House Republicans Nominate Steve Scalise For Speaker In Secret Ballot Vote - 10/11/2023

Steve Scalise Drops Out Of Race For Speaker Of The House - 10/12/2023

Jim Jordan Wins GOP Conference Vote For Speaker Over Austin Scott, But Floor Vote Not Scheduled - 10/13/2023

Jim Jordan Wins GOP Nomination For Speaker Of The House - 10/13/2023

Jordan Fails To Win House Speakership On First Ballot, Second Round Delayed Until Wednesday - 10/17/2023

Email From Lobbying Firm With Ties To Mitch McConnell Organized Phone Call With Rep. Don Bacon On Eve Of Speaker Vote - 10/17/2023

List: 20 Republicans Vote Against Jim Jordan For House Speaker On First Round Of Balloting - 10/17/2023

Ken Buck Claims He Voted Tom Emmer For House Speaker Because He Doesn't Like Him, Wants Him To Have A Horrible Job - 10/17/2023

Jordan Fails To Win House Speakership In Second Round Of Voting, Third Round Expected Thursday - 10/18/2023

Some Of The Republicans Who Voted 'No' To Jim Jordan As Speaker May Have Vested Interests To Keep Him Out - 10/18/2023

Jim Jordan Won't Hold Third Ballot, Will Back Temporary Powers For McHenry - 10/19/2023

House Moves Toward Empowering McHenry As Temporary Speaker - 10/19/2023

Jim Jordan To Back Patrick McHenry For Temporary Speaker Of The House, Will Remain Speaker Designee - 10/19/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin McCarthy To Give Nominating Speech For Jim Jordan Before Third Speaker Vote - 10/20/2023

Jordan Loses Third Speakership Bid With More Fellow House Republicans Voting Against Him - 10/20/2023

13 Of 22 RINO Holdouts Derailing Jim Jordan Are Connected To FTX And Voter Mule Donations - 10/20/2023

House GOP Conference Votes To Abandon Jordan As Speaker Nominee - 10/20/2023

13 Of 22 RINO Holdouts Derailing Jim Jordan Are Connected To FTX And Voter Mule Donations - 10/20/2023

You Just Can't Make this Up: GOP House Members Are Likely To Elect Former Soros Group Spokesman As Speaker Of The House - Who Wanted To End Electoral College - AND There's Video! - 10/21/2023

Tom Emmer Wins GOP Nomination For Speaker Of The House On Secret Ballot - 10/24/2023

Trump Wwarns GOP Aaint Tapping 'RINO' Tom Emmer For Speaker: 'Tragic Mistake!' - 10/24/2023

'Not The Guy This Country Needs': Conservatives Fume Over House GOP's Speaker Nominee - 10/24/2023

Tom Emmer Drops Out Of Speaker's Race - 10/24/2023

Tom Emmer Drops Out Of Speaker's Race Less Than A Day After Receiving Nomination - 10/24/2023

Mike Johnson Wins GOP Speaker Nomination, Hours After Emmer Drops Out - 10/24/2023

Mike Johnson Wins Speakership On First Vote - 10/25/2023

Republican Mike Johnson Elected House Speaker - 10/25/2023

Speaker Johnson Gets Bipartisan Standing Ovation After Announcing His First Bill - 10/25/2023

New House Speaker Has History Of Bluntly Confronting Democrats - 10/25/2023

'He's Jim Jordan With A Jacket And A Smile': MSNBC Reporter Goes Off The Rails About New Speaker - 10/25/2023

Johnson Begins House Speakership With Focus On Debt, Inflation, 'Border Catastrophe' As Top Issues - 10/25/2023

"Every Time Someone Ascended, He Would Knife Them In The Back" - Rep. Nancy Mace Tells All On Kevin McCarthy's Sinister Actions During Speaker Fight (VIDEO) - 10/26/2023

Republican Virginia Foxx Breaks CNN Anchor By Telling Reporter To 'Shut Up': 'It's Anti-Democratic' - 10/26/2023

Congressman, Ousted House Speaker McCarthy To Resign From Congress At Year's End - 12/6/2023

'Democrats' Chosen Speaker': MTG Signals She Will Advance Bid To Oust Speaker Johnson - 4/30/2024