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Deep State & The Swamp: Corruption & Authoritarianism

Soros, Pelosi Headline Hush-Hush 'Resistance' Conference In California - 11/18/2017

Deep State Tool Robert Mueller Has A Long History Of Targeting Innocent People, Which Explains Why He Was Picked To Go After POTUS Trump. - 5/1/2018

Secretary Pompeo On John Kerry: 'He Violated Logan Act - I Saw Kerry And Others Meeting With Iranian Leadership' (VIDEO) - 5/23/2019

DEEP TROUBLE AT THE DEEP STATE: Pompeo Says 'It's True' John Kerry Violated The Logan Act - 5/23/2019

Liz Cheney: Strzok-Page Text Messages 'Could Well Be Treason' - 5/26/2019

The Dossier: Obama Officials Collude With Iran To Thwart US Foreign Policy - 5/31/2019

Tom Fitton: Deep State Covered-Up Illicit Clinton Emails Found In Obama WH & Targeted Trump - 6/6/2019

Deep State Planning MAJOR False Flag Attack To Blame "Anti-Vaxxers" & Gun Owners - 2020

Feinstein Had Private Dinner With Iranian Prime Minister, Then Lied About It - 2020

China Agents In U.S. Government Helped Influence Policy, Academic Says - 12/6/2020

President Kennedy Asked The FBI To Look Into Speaker Pelosi's Father For Connections To The Mob - Documents Quietly Released Lasst Week Confirm This - 1/13/2021

Glenn Beck CALLS OUT Companies Working With China As HORRIFIC New Details Emerge About Concentration Camps - 5/27/2021

Democrat Stacey Abrams Closet Swings Open - In Major Debt Before Governor's Election, She Now Owns Millions In Homes - 7/1/2021

$1.5 TRILLION House Spending Bill Includes 21% Pay Hike For House, Senate Staff - 3/14/2022

America LAST: US Senate REJECTS $48 Billion Aid Package For Small Businesses And Restaurants Just Hours After Approving ANOTHER $40 Billion For Ukraine - 34 RINOs Voted Yes For Ukraine And No For Americans - 5/20/2022

Republicans Will Have To Do A Lot More Than Hold Hearings To Stop The Rogue FBI And DOJ - 8/9/2022

Democrats Have Arrested, Prosectured, And Raided Their Enemies. There's Only One Way To Make Them Stop - 8/10/2022

Scott Out As NRSC Chairman After Challenging McConnell For Senate GOP Leader - 11/16/2022

Deep State Attorney James Baker Came To Twitter "Committed To... An Open Internet And Freedom Of Expression" - It Was A Lie - 12/3/2022

More Evidence That Twitter Was Run By The Deep State -Former CIA And FBI Employee Identified At The Top Of The Censorship Activities - 12/9/2022

What's Really Got The Left Worried About TWitter - It's Right In Front Of Our Eyes - 12/12/2022

Pride Centers And A Wax Museum: Here Are The Woke Projects Buried In Congress' Spending Bill - 12/20/2022

'Did You Approve Hidden State Censorship?': Musk Calls out Schiff Over Twitter Files Revelations - 12/20/2022

Gen. Flynn Exposes 'Secret' US Shadow Government: 'Parallel Supreme Court' Operates In The Shadows - 1/10/2023

HUGE! House Oversight Investigating John Kerry For His Private Meetings With Communist China On Deals That Undermined US Economy - 2/2/2023

By Exposing Hamilton 68, The 'Twitter Files' Proved The Deep State Is A Weapon Aimed Directly At You - 2/3/2023

Roughly Half Of House Members Not At Capitol To Vote On Massive $1.7 Omnibus Spending Bill - 12/23/2022

House Passes $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Spending Package, Sending Bill To Biden's Desk For Signature - 12/23/2022