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Deep State & The Swamp: Eric Swalwell

Scalise: Democrats In Congress Turn A Blind Eye To Chinese Threats - 12/21/2020

CNN's Dana Bash Confronts Eric Swalwell About His Relationship with Chinese Spy And Honeypot Fang Fang (VIDEO) - 1/29/2023

Swalwell Denies Ties To Suspected Chinese Spy Put Him In 'Vulnerable Position,' But Notice What He Wouldn't Say - 1/30/2023

Eric Swalwell Spent More Campaign Cash On Travel And Luxury Accommodations That Nancy Pelosi - 2/20/2023

Rep. Eric Swalwell Spent More Campaign Cash On Trvel And Luxury Accommodations Than Nancy Pelosi - 2/21/2023

House Hearing Erupts After Republican Slams Rep. Eric Swalwell Over Ties To Chinese Spy: 'Don't Say That S-t' - 4/26/2023

HILARIOUS: Swalwell Hits Social Media To Snipe Trump - Blows Himself Up Instead - 5/10/2023

Swalwell Reports Ex-49ers Fullback To Capitol Police Over Allegedly Threatening Message - 5/19/2023

House Ethics Committee Concludes Probe Into Rep. Eric Swalwell's Associations With Alleged Chinese Spy - 5/24/2023

'There Was No Dirt On Joe Biden': Eric Swalwell Claims Biden Is Neither 'Sleepy' Or 'Corrupt' - 6/15/2023

'Moron': Megyn Kelly Points To Moment Swalwell Made Himself Look 'So Dumb' - 7/13/2023

'I'll Kick Your A**': McCarthy And Swalwell Engaged In Threat-Filled, Heated Moment After Schiff's Censure - 7/28/2023

Eric Swalwell Helped Hunter Biden Defy Congress, Now Faces Potential Legal Trouble Of His Own: 'He Went Out OF His Way' - 12/18/2023

MTG Mulls Ethics Complaint Against Swalwell For Helping Hunter Biden Arrange Capitol Presser - 12/19/2023

Eric Swalwell's Campaign Keeps Living The High Life Despite His Mountain Of Personal Debt - 2/13/2024