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Donkeys, Elephants & RINOs: Gavin Newsom

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Gavin Newsom Rages, Makes False Claims After Federal Judge Strikes Down California's 'Unconstitutional' Gun Ban - 6/6/2021

Truckers Shut Down Port Of Oakland In Protest Of Gavin Newsom's Labor Law As California's Supply Chain Goes From Bad To Worse - 7/23/2022

Three California Courts In A Week Rule In Favor Of 'We The People' Against Newsom's COVID Lockdowns - 8/23/2022

California Extends Flex Alert Amid Sweltering Heatwave, Urges People Not To Charge Electric Vehicles During Peak Hours To Avoid Power Outages - 9/2/2022

California Governor Gavin Newsom Signs 'Sweeping' New Climate Measures - 9/19/2022

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom Says People Are Fleeing California Because Of Trump's Policies (VIDEO) - 9/21/2022

Gavin Newsom's Confident And Sharp 10-Year Plan To End Homelessness Sounds Great Until You Look At The Date On The Video - 9/24/2022

Gavin Newsom Calls For Emergency Tax To Combat High Gas Prices In California And Gets Mocked Mercilessly Online - 10/7/2022

Los Angeles Accused Of Fabricating Artificailly Low Homelessness Numbers - 12/23/2022

Newsom Blames 'Selfish' Environmentalists For 'Driving UP Housing Prices,' Making California 'Less Affordable' After Sparring Over Proposed Housing Project - 3/1/2023

Radical Leftist Katie Hobbs Says Gavin Newsom Has Done Good Things On Homelessness - Twitter Users React: "California Is A Literal Sh*t-hole" - 5/8/2023

Gavin Newsom Finally Breaks Silence On California's $800 Billion Reparations Proposal With A Frightening Statement - 5/10/2023

Gavin Newsom Fumbles Response To Billions In Reparations Recommended By Panel He Implemented - 5/10/2023

California Gov. Newsom Threatens To 'Expose' Textbook Publishers 'Colluding' With Florida - 5/21/2023

Newsom Fines Conservative SoCal School District $1.5 Million For Rejecting Textbooks That Mention Gay Rights Activist Who Sexually Assaulted Minor Teen - 7/20/2023

Leftist Ana Kasparian Says California Is 'A S[***] Show Under Newsom' - 9/8/2023

Cali Residents FLEEING Hellhole As San Francisco Now Leads The US In PLUMMETING Home Values - 9/11/2023

Crowd ERUPTS When Woke Superintendent Is Kicked Out of School Board Meeting For Saying THIS - 9/12/2023

Globalist Pope Francis Joins Forces With The Clintons, Yellen, Whitmer, Newsom, And Others For Global Initiative 2023 - 9/15/2023

Newsome Ratifies Law Penalizing California School Boards That Refuse To Expose Kids To State-Approved Racial And LGBT Propaganda - 9/26/2023

Newsom Didn't Veto The Anti-Parent Trans Bill To Protect Kids - 10/6/2023

Commentary: It's Time To Change Our Constitution - 10/17/2023

While Media Paint Newson As 'Moderate,' He's Advancing Socialist Health 'Care' In California - 10/18/2023

Newsom's Senate Appointee Laphonza Butler Will Not Seek A Full Term In 2024 - 10/19/2023

Media Help Democrats Like Newsom Bash Judges But Lost Their Minds When Trump Did The Same - 10/23/2023

How Gavin Newsom Became China's Useful Idiot - 10/30/2023

San Francisco Clears Homeless Camps Ahead Of International Summit - 11/12/2023

Newsom Defends San Francisco Homeless Sweep Before International Summit - 11/13/2023

California Governor Newsom Admits He Only Cleaned Up The Streets Of San Francisco To Please Xi Jinping: "That's True Because It's True" - 11/13/2023

Gavin Newsom Slapped With Community Note After Pushing False Gay 'Ban' Narrative - 11/18/2023

California's Record Of Felonies, Feces, And Failure Should Kill Newsom's Political Career But It Won't - 12/1/2023

Gavin Newsom's 10-Year-Plan To End San Francisco Homelessness Turns 20 Years Old As The Crisis Grows Statewide - 12/21/2023

ABC News Anchor Tanks Gov. Newsom's Ridiculous Claim About Biden's Presidency With Indisputable Fact: 'Why Is That?' - 1/28/2024

Gov. Newsom Pulls A Karen When Target Employee Blames Him To His Face For Shoplifting Epidemic: 'Where's Your Manager?' - 2/1/2024

'What Has He Done?' Patrick Bet-David Proves Bill Maher Has No Real Facts About 'Winner' Gavin Newson Or Climate Change - 2/6/2024

Newsom Deploys Additional Officers To Oakland To Curb 'Alarming And Unacceptable' Crime Wave - 2/7/2024