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Durham Case & Indictments: Durham Report

Durham Releases Damning Report: FBI, DOJ Lacked Evidence Neede To Open Trump Investigation - 5/15/2023

Durham Report Finds That FBI Was Biased Against Trump, Should Never Have Opened Russian Collusion Investigation - 5/15/2023

John Durham Releases Final Report, Concludes FBI Had No Verified Intel When It Opened Probe On Trump - 5/15/2023

BOMBSHELL: Obama Admin Had No 'Actual Evidence' Of Collusion By Trump When It Launched Crossfire Hurricane Investigation - 5/15/2023

Durham's Trump-Russia Report Is Another Black Eye For The FBI - 5/15/2023

'There's Nothing To This, But We Have To Run It To The Ground,' Anti-Trump FBI Agent Strzok Said: Durham - 5/15/2023

Biden Was Briefed On Clinton Involvement In Trump-Russia Hoax - 5/15/2023

Durham Report: FBI Displayed 'Markedly Different' Treatment Of Clinton, Trump Campaigns - 5/15/2023

CNN's Jake Tapper: Durham Report Is "Devastating To FBI, And To A Degree, It Does Exonerate Donald Trump" - 5/15/2023

Congrats To The  U.S. Intelligence Community, Back-To-Back U.S. Presidential Election Interference Champs! - 5/15/2023

Jonathan Turley Demands Answers After Durham Report Exposes Schiff Lie - 5/15/2023

Trump Issues Scathing Response After FBI Replies to Accuations Of Bias From Durham Report - 5/15/2023

Donald Trump Reacts To Durham Report: 'Total Vindication,' He Tells Just The News - 5/15/2023

Let's Compare Media's Lies About The Durham Report With What THe Report Actually Said - 5/16/2023

Durham's Much-Needed Record Of Deep-State And Dem Corruption Proves Conservatives Were Spot-On - 5/16/2023

FBi Offered To Pay Steele $1M For Anti-Trump Evidence, Paid Possible Russian Spy Despite Knowing His Info Was Bad - 5/16/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Adam Schiff Still Insists Trump Conspired With Russia After Durham Report Further Discredits FBI Probe - 5/16/2023

Durham Report EXPLAINED: Here's EVERYTHING We Learned - 5/16/2023

Dershowitz: Durham Report Shows 'Americans Are Right' To Distrust Government - 5/16/2023

CNN Anchor Admits Durhan Report Is 'Devastating' For The FBI - But Still Finds A Way To Blame Trump: 'There Was A Lot Of Smoke' - 5/16/2023

Durham Report Expose The Real 'Threat To Democracy' - The Anti-Conservative Bias Of The Deep State - 5/16/2023

Don't Miss The Most Damning Durham Finding - 5/17/2023

Durham Report: British Intelligence Repeatedly Rejected Trump-Russia Investigation 'Evidence' - 5/17/2023

Peter Strzok Complains Durham Probe 'Never Should Have Taken Place' After Report Uncovers Damning Accusation - 5/17/2023

Durham Finds Researcher Felt Threatened By Schiff Staffer - 5/17/2023

McCarthy Floats Removing Schiff From Congress Altogether AFter Durham Report - 5/17/2023

WAYNE ROOT: Everyone Has Missed Real Revelation Of The Dufham Report: Obama Is The REAL 'Big Guy.' Obama Is The Criminal Mastermind. Obama Committed Treason. - 5/19/2023

British Intelligence Found FBI Russia Collusion Probe So Absurd It Stopped Helping - 5/20/2023

Was The Mueller Investigation Ever Necessary? Durham Report Suggests Not - 5/22/2023

Durham Reports Shows Biden And Obama Knew Truth Of Trump Collusion Hoax But Kept Silent - 5/22/2023

Merrick Garland's J6 Juries Prove Durham's Point: Conservatives Can't Get A Fair Trial In D.C. - 5/22/2023

ANALYSIS: The Biggest Revelation From The Durham Report - 5/22/2023

THESE FBI Actions May Be Worse Than The Durham Report - 5/23/2023

GOP Lawmaker Left Speechless Over Top FBI Official's Admission About Durham Report: 'I'm Not Sure What To Think' - 5/24/2023

Durham: FBI Overlooked Intel Clinton Masterminded Plot Smear Trump, Treated Campaigns Differently - 6/21/2023

Durham: Rules Should Change So Heads Could Roll At FBI - 6/21/2023

John Durham Says FBI Agents 'Apologized' To Him For Trump-Russia Investigation - 6/21/2023

Rep. Hank Johnson Corrected Several Times ON Basic Facts Of The Durham Report - 6/21/2023

Durham: FBI Shouldn't Have Launched Full Investigation Into Trump Campaign - 6/21/2023