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Durham Case & Indictments: Igor Danchenko

Indictment Of Igor Y. Danchenko - 11/3/2021

BREAKING: Durham Makes MAJOR ARREST! - 11/4/2021

Russian National Indicted For Making False Statements To The FBI - 11/4/2021

Durham's 3rd Arrest: Democratic Operatives Were 'Actually Colluding With Russia' - 11/4/2021

Igor Danchenko, Steele Dossier Source, Indicated As Part Of Durham Investigation - 11/4/2021

John Durham's Latest Indictment Casts Doubt On The origins Of The Trump Pee Tape Rumor - 11/4/2021

Analyst Who Aided Trump-Russia Dossier Charged With Lying - 11/4/2021

Durham's Latest Indictment: More Lines Drawn To Clinton's Campaign - 11/6/2021

Durham Indictment Is 'Bad News' For Mainstream Media On Steele Dossier Reporting: Critic - 11/9/2021

Durham Indictments: Perkins Coie, The Law Firm Of The DNC - 1/29/2022

New Durham Bombshell: FBI Paid Russian Accused Of Lying As A Confidential Informant Against Trump - 9/13/2022

Durham Shocker: Danchenko Was A Paid FBi Informant - Who Lied About The Utterly False Pee-Pee Tape - 9/13/2022

FBI Put Key Dossier Source On Payroll In Apparent Effort To Conceal Dossier Fabrications - 9/14/2022

FBI Intel Analyst Tells Durham Agency Offered Steele $1M Corroborate Dossier - 10/11/2022

Jurors Shown Emails In Danchenko Trial As Evidence Regarding Steele Dossier Sources - 10/12/2022

FBI Had Immunity Deal With Steele Source Danchenko, Durham Inquiry Trial Reveals - 10/12/2022

The Igor Danchenko Trial - Day 2 - 10/12/2022

Clinton Associate Testifies He Lied About Claim That Made Its Way Into Dossier - 10/13/2022

The Igor Danchenko Trial - Day 3 - 10/13/2022

FBI Paid Steele Dossier Source $220,000 For 3 Years of Informant Work - 10/14/2022

Devin Nunes: FBI's $1M Payment For Steele Dossier, 'A Bounty Program To Get Donald Trump,' No Other Way To Explain It - 10/18/2022

John Durham Unmistakably Put FBI On Trial Alongside Its Russian Collusion Informant - 10/18/2022

Moral Of The Durham Trials: Jurors Won't Convict Sources If The FBI Wanted Their Bait - 10/18/2022

Durham Case Reveals Details Of FBI's Reliance On Danchenko - 10/18/2022

New Email Reveals Answer To Establishment's Efforts To Oust Trump - 10/24/2022

FBi Offered To Pay Steele $1M For Anti-Trump Evidence, Paid Possible Russian Spy Despite Knowing His Info Was Bad - 5/16/2023