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Biden Admin Announces Executive Order Crackdown On Guns, New Anti-Gun ATF Director - 4/8/2021

ATF Agents Show Up At Mans Home, Demand To See LEGALLY Owned Guns - Forget About Door Cameras - 7/22/2022

SHOCK: ATF Inspector THREATENS Gun Buyers, Calls Them 'NUTS' - 8/12/2022

ATF Wants To Destory Evidence Of Obama's Fatal Failure - 12/9/2022

New ATF Rule On Pistol Stabilizing Braces Will Effectively Ban Millions Of Rifles - 1/13/2023

Rep. Matt Gaetz Introduces 'Abolish The ATF Act' After New Rule Turned Millions Of Gun Owners Into Criminals - 1/19/2023

EXPOSED: ATF Rule Could Make 40 MILLION Gun-Owners FELONS - 1/23/2023

'Very Cute': Mockery Ensures When Geraldo Rivera Whips Out Musket To Make Point About Second Amendment - 1/25/2023

ATF Slapped With Multiple Lawsuits After New Pistol Rule Takes Effect - 1/31/2023

Leaked ATF Documents Reveal The Biden Regime's Scheme To Close Gun Stores Across The Country - 2/19/2023

'Zero Tolerance': The Biden Admin Is Allegedly Sutting Down Gun Stores For Minor Clerical Errors - 2/24/2023

The ATF Expansion Of The Gun Registry Turns Law-Abiding Gun Owners Into Felons - 3/23/2023

'Not A Firearms Expert': Biden's ATF Chief Admits He Can't Define What An 'Assault Weapon' Is - 4/18/2023

ATF Director Asked To define An 'Assault Weapon' - But He Makes Telling Admission Instead - 4/19/2023

Biden ATF Chief Refuses To Say If Hunter Biden Should Be 'Turned Over' For Allegedly Lying On Gun Form - 4/26/2023

"Were You Expecting Us?": ATF Agents Go 'Door To Door' To Confiscate FRT-15 Triggers - 5/10/2023

Less Than 10 Percent Of Pistol Braces Registered With ATF By Deadline - 6/3/2023

NRA Sues Biden Admin Over 'Unlawful' ATF Final Rule On Pistol Stabilizing Brace - 7/4/2023

The ATF's New 'Loophole Fix' Is Going To BOIL YOUR BLOOD - 9/5/2023

Appeals Court Rules Against 'Limitless' Biden ATF Rule Changing The Definition Of Firearm - 11/11/2023

ATF Preparing To Regulate Private Gun Sales With Background Check, Whistleblower Group Alleges - 1/31/2024

Federal Judge Rules Millions Of NRA Members Exempt From ATF Pistol Brace Rule - 4/2/2024

26 States File Lawsuits In Federal Courts Over ATF Redefinition Of Gun Dealers - 5/1/2024