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Mayorkas Can't Name A Single Case He Referred From DHS To DOJ For White Supremacy Or Domestic Terrorism (VIDEO) - 4/29/2022

DHS Secretary Admits He Doesn't Know Whereabouts Of 42 Illegal Immigrants On Terror Watch List - 4/29/2022

Days After Creating "Ministry Of Truth" Mayorkas Says It's Not For Him To Opine On Whether The Steel Dossier Was Disinformatino (VIDEO) - 5/1/2022

'No Statutory Authority Exists' To Back DHS Disinformation Board, Republican AGs Say, Warning Legal Action - 5/6/2022

DHS Releases Bulletin Citing Concerns Of 'Heightened Threats,' And Violent Months Ahead With Supreme Court Ruling And Midterms Approaching - 6/7/2022

Whistleblower Documents Show DHS Secretary Lied About 'Disinformation Board'; Here Was Its True Purpose - 6/21/2022

DHS Officer Indicted For Helping China To Harass Chinese Dissidents In US - 7/8/2022

Department Of Homeland Security To End 'Remain In Mexico' Policy - 8/9/2022

Dem Rep Says Biden Admin Is 'Tying' Up Homeland Security, Only Listening To 'Immigration Activists' - 12/7/2022

Maricopa County Recorder Sought DHS Support In War On Purported Election Misinformation In Media - 12/8/2022

'Total Dishonesty': Fox News Hosts Hammer Homeland Security Over Misreported Data Revealed By DCNF - 12/9/2022

Hundreds Of DHS Personnel Were Members Of 'Oath Keepers' - 12/14/2022

EXCLUSIVE: Sens. Grassley And Hawley Call Out DHS For Allegedly Redacting Key Info About Disinformaiton Board - 12/15/2022

Emails Show CDC Removed Defensive Gun Use Stats After Gun-Control Advocates Pressured Officials In Private Meeting - 12/15/2022

BREAKING: House Republican Files Articles Of Impeachment Against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas - After 5 Million Illegals Cross open Southern Border - 1/10/23

Republican AGs Demand Info On DHS Agents Who Worked To Censor 'Disinformation' Online - 1/20/2023

EXCLUSIVE: DHS Wants To Pay An Outside Group Millions To Write Rules For Tracking Illegal Immigrants In The US - 1/21/2023

Judge Orders Biden DHS To Release Files On Agents Who Allegedly Helped Censor Election 'Misinformation' - 1/25/2023

DHS Has A Program Gathering Domestic Intelligence - And Virtually No One Knows About It - 3/6/2023

DHS Operates 'Shady' Secret Domestic Intelligence Program That 'Runs Like Corrupt Government,' Report Finds - 3/7/2023

DHS Secertary Says He Would Support An Assault Weapons Ban, Then Fails To Deliver A Definition Of 'Assault Weapon' - 3/28/2023

DHS Heavily Redacted Disinformation Board Emails Despite Claiming Agency Had Nothing To Hide - 3/28/2023

'Sad Joke': Border Patrol Union Rips DHS For Warning Of 'Targeted Enforcement' In Texas - 5/9/2023

Huge Number Of Border Agend Candidates Failing DHS Polygraphs, Union Suggests It's Intentional - 5/14/2023

New DHS Training Videos Reveal How Far The Biden Administration WIll Go To Eliminate Opposition - 5/16/2023

Congress Demands Answers Why Biden DHS Ending Border Tool Key To Stopping Child Exploitation - 5/25/2023

Migrant Interviews Debunk Biden DHS's False Talking Point About Cartel 'Disinformation' - 5/26/2023

DHS-Funded College Program Equates Conservatives And Christians To Militant Neo-Nazis: 'Pyramid Of Far-Right Radicalization' - 5/26/2023

Meet The Violent Anarchist Behind DHS's 'Pyramid Of Far-Right Radicalization' Scandal - 6/1/2023

DHS Cybersecurity Agency Labels Private Thoughts 'Critical Infrastructure' To Justify Censoring You - 6/2/2023

HHS Spent $13 Billion Sponsoring And Losing Migrant Kids Over The Last Decade - 6/5/2023

Left-Wing Billionaire's Nonprofit Funded DHS-Linked 'Portal' Used To Censor Social Media Platforms - 6/9/2023

Border Patrol Sector Chief Get Brutal News Hours After Turning Whistleblower, House Oversight Announces Retaliation Probe - 7/23/2023

ONCE AGAIN... Mayorkas Lies And Says Biden Regime Working To Secure Border After 7 Million Illegals Cross Into US - GOP Lawmakers Too Weak To Impeach Him - 7/26/2023

DHS Plans Move To Shield Some Undocumented Migrants From Deportation - 8/12/2023

AMERICA UNDER ATTACK: Biden Regime Uses AI To Spy On Americans - 9/16/2023

DHS Hides Monthly Number Of Illegal Migrants Released into U.S. After Interacting With Border Agents - 8/27/2023

DHS Purposely Not Reporting How Many Illegal Border Crossers Are Released Into The Country, Former Immigration Judge Claims - 8/28/2023

House Committee Says Mayorkas 'Enriched The Cartels' After Second Phase Of Republican-Led Investigation - 9/7/2023

Biden Admin Taps Ex-Intel Officials Who Signed Infamous Hunter Biden Laptop Letter To Form DHS 'Expert' Committee - 9/19/2023

Biden DHS Touts Russiagate Hoaxers As Members Of New Intelligence 'Experts Group' - 9/20/2023

New DHS Intelligence Expert Group Features Signers Of Letter Discrediting Hunter Biden Laptop Story - 9/20/2023

Biden's DHS Let 200,000 Illegal Immigrants Fly Directly Into 43 Cities - 9/21/2023

Report: Joe Biden's DHS Plans Photo ID Cards For Illegal Aliens Freed Into U.S. - 9/21/2023

Biden's DHS Offers Work Authorization, Legal Status To 470,000 Venezuelan Migrants - 9/21/2023

FEMA Is Doing A National Emergency Test Tomorrow, But What's It REALLY About? - 10/3/2023

Secret Reports Show Homeland Security Worked With Universities To 'Censor Americans' Online Speech' Before 2020 Election - 11/7/2023

DHS Just Gave Illegals 1 Direct Order - But This "Order" Isn't What You Think - 11/25/2023

Biden's DHS Requires Border Agents To Use 'Preferred Pronouns' Of Illegal Immigrants - 11/25/2023

Mayorkas Meets With Border Patrol Agents Falsely Accused Of 'Whipping' Migrants - But Doesn't Apologize: Report - 11/30/2023

There's A Direct Line Between Joe Biden's Deep State And Trump Getting Removed From Colorado's Ballot - 12/20/2023