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DOD Schools Push 'Marxist' Indoctrination, Woke 'Social Engineering,' Teachers Say - 1/23/2023

Biden's Department Of Defense Denies Drag Shows On Bases Even When Confronted With Undeniable Evidence - 3/31/2023

Top General Admits Trans Inclusion Hurts Army Recruiting - 4/24/2023

160-Plus Retired Military Brass Urge Congress to Root Out DOD's Poisonous 'Diversity' And 'Equity' Programs - 5/24/2023

Fort Bragg Renamed As Biden DOD Pushes To Remove Confederate Memorabilia - 6/2/2023

Pentagon Memo Reveals Host Of Mutilations 'Transgender' Soldiers Can Undergo At Taxpayers' Expense; Notes They Can Dodge Depolyments, Receive Indefinite Physical Fitness Waivers - 7/19/2023

In Leaked Video, Veterans' Affairs Tells Providers To Promote Abortion, Avoid Saying 'Mother' And 'Baby' - 9/21/2023

Uneathed Strategic Plan Unveils Army Cors Of Engineers' Goal To Force DEI Onto Service Members - 9/29/2023

Lawsuit: U.S. Naval Academy's Consideration Of Race In Its Admissions Process Is Unconstitutional - 10/6/2023

Shocker! Embracing Drag Queens Didn't Fix The Navy's Recruiting Crisis - 10/11/2023

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How To 'Un-Woke' The US Military, One Bill At A Time - 11/29/2023

FRANK GAFFNEY: Stop The Marxist Makeover Of America's Military - 12/10/2023

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EXCLUSIVE: Here's What They're Teaching In The Naval Academy's Gender And Sexuality Class - 12/25/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Air Force Academy Privately Fretted The End Of Race-based Admissions Would Hamstring 'Diversity' Goals - 12/27/2023

Navy Service Member Who Sold Secrets To China Sentenced To Just 27 Months In Prison - 1/9/2024

DEI Destroys Excellence, Military Cohesion At Service Academies - 1/19/2024

Pentagon To Pay For Soldiers To Manufacture Motherless And Fatherless Babies - 1/29/2024

DOD Deceives Military Parents, Doubles Down On DEI Initiatives In K-12 Schools - 2/14/2024

EXCLUSIVE:      Internal Documents Shed Light On Biden Administration's Plan To Impose DEI On Pentagon-Run Schools - 2/14/2024

EXCLUSIVE: US Navy's STEM 'Eqity' Program Prioritized Candidates, Internships Based On Race, Docs Show - 2/16/2024

VA Axes Secret Plan To Hide Iconic V-J Day Photo Over Lack Of 'Inclusivity' - 3/5/2024

Woke VA Official Who Pushed To Remove WWII Kiss Photo 'Mismanaged' St. Louis Hospital Where Vets Were Reportedly Exposed To HIV - 3/6/2024

DEI Office In Biden's VA Is 'Hostile, Toxic' With Rampant Sexual Misconduct, Internal Probe Finds - 3/11/2024

West Point Removes 'Duty, Honor, Country' From Mission Statement, Replaces With 'Army Values' - 3/15/2024

'Duty, Honor, Country': Political Correctness At West Point Leaves Our Military Distracted From Its True Mission - 3/16/2024

James O'Keefe Catches Trans Pentagon Official Advocating For Open Borders, Gun Confiscation - 3/13/2024

Why Did West Point Remove 'Duty, Honor, Country' From Its Mission Statement? - 3/22/2024

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