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Experts Warn EV Owners May See Soaring Costs After Mechanics Realize They're Losing Money - 8/4/2022

Biden's Inflation Reduction Act Would Increase Taxes On Nearly All Americans - 8/6/2022

Bernie Burns Biden's 'Inflation Reduction' Act, Says It Won't Do Anything Of The Sort - 8/7/2022

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America's Debt Ratig Downgrade Shows Washington Is Still Building Back Bankrupt - 8/4/2023

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Income Dropped, Poverty Soared Under Biden: Census Bureau - 9/12/2023

Americans' Household Income Dropped In 2022 For Third Year In A Row: Census Bureau - 9/12/2023

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Inflation Surges Above Expectations Despite Fed's Rate Hikes - 9/13/2023

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