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National Archives Asks DOJ To Investigate Classified Documents Found In Private Office Biden Used - 1/9/2023

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Top Biden Official Unable To Spin Her Way Out Of Contradiction Exposed By CNN Host On Classified Docs Scandal - 2/1/2023

FBI Seizes Handwritten Notes From Biden's Time As VP From Rehoboth Beach House; Biden Spox Refuses To Answer Questions On Search (VIDEO) - 2/1/2023

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Biden Makes Eyebrow-Raising Admission About Documents Seized From His Home - Then Blames Staffers - 2/9/2023

Emails Between Biden Lawyers And NARA From Nov 2022 Released... Lawyer References A Box Of Biden Documents Stored In Boston - 2/10/2023

Inside The University Of Delaware's Yearslong Fight To Keep Biden Papers Hidden From Public - 2/21/2023

Biden: My Classified Doc Scandal Different Than Trump's Due To Different 'Degrees Of Irresponsibility' - 2/25/2023

Archives Removes 9 Boxes Of Documents From Biden Lawyer's Boston Office - 3/9/2023

Taliban Releases Photos Of The U.S. Equipment They Seized From Biden's Disastrous Pullout - 3/26/2023

Top Senate Democrat Issues Threat To Biden For Stonewalling Congress On His Classified Docs Scandal - 3/27/2023

National Archives Admits Over 1,100 Biden Records Pages At Penn Office, Lacks Custody Of Others - 3/30/2023

House Republicans Claim Biden Team Knew Of Classified Docs Earlier Than Admitted - 4/4/2023

House Leak Tries To Pin Biden Classifeied Docs On Ex-Aide Kathy Chung - 5/3/2023

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