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Robert Kennedy Jr.

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. And The Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft Join Together With Several Others In Antitrust Lawsuit Against Legacy Media For Efforts To Exclude Rivals From Internet Platforms - 1/11/2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Part 1): The Dark Secrets Of The Childhood Immunization Schedule And Vaccine Approval Process - 3/11/2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Part 2): From Event 201 To Dark Winter, The Pandemic Simulations That Foreshadowed Our New Reality - 3/14/2023

ABC News Host Tells RFK Jr. He's Too Critical Of The CIA, Proceeds To Censor Him While Speaking About Vaccines - 4/28/2023

ABC Refuses To Air RFK Jr. Comments About COVID-19 Vaccines - 4/28/2023

RFK Jr.: "I Will Prosecute Any Official Who Engaged In Criminal Wrongdoing During The Pandemic... Not Retribution, But Justice!" - 4/28/2023

Surgin Democrat Presidential Candidate RFK Jr. Takes Surprising Stance On Trans Athletes - 4/29/2023

Biden Challenger RFK Jr. Opposes Trans Athletes In Women's Sports: 'I Don't Think That's Fair' - 4/30/2023

RFK Jr. Says "CIA Involved In Assassinations And Fixing Elections" (VIDEO) - 5/5/2023

RFK Jr. Says "CIA Definitely Involved In The Murcer" Of His Uncle President John F. Kennedy (VIDEO) - 5/7/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Robert Kennedy, Jr. Discusses The CIA Involvement In The Death Of John F. Kennedy And His Father's First Calls After The Assassination (VIDEO) - 5/8/2023

Robert Kennedy, Jr. Responds To Speculation Of A Dream Team Ticket With Him And President Trump On A Republican-Populist Ticket - 5/10/2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Banned By Major Social Media Site, Campaign Pages Blocked - 6/2/2023

Former Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Endorses Robert F. Kennedy For President - After Twitter Censored Kennedy During His Reign - 6/4/2023

RFK Jr. Says He'd End Russia-Ukraine War If Elected - 6/4/2023

RFK Jr. Tells Musk He Wants To Permanently Seal The US-Mexico Border; Links Mass Shootings To Pharmaceutical Drugs - 6/6/2023

Biden World Wants The Media To Destroy Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - 6/6/2023

Surging 2024 Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Praises Elon Musk's Free Speech Battle Against Leftist Censorship - 6/6/2023

Instagram Reinstates RFK Jr.'s Account After he Questions The Ban On Twitter - 6/7/2023

RFK Jr. Showcases The 'Dystopian Nightmare' The Biden Adminitration's Policies And Inaction Have Created At The Border - 6/8/2023

RFK Jr. Has Exposed The Dark Truth About Biden's 2024 Run - 6/14/2023

RFK JR Tells Joe Rogan He Has To 'Be Careful' The CIA Doesn't Assassinate Him - 6/15/2023

Common Herbicide Could Be Causing Sexual Dysphoria: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - 6/16/2023

Joe Rogan Offers Scientist $100,000 To Debate Vaccines With RFK Jr. On His Show - 6/17/2023

Joe Rogan Slams COVID Vaccine Advocate Who Called Him A 'Neofascist,' Challenges Him To Big Money Debate With RFK Jr., Then Elon Musk Jumps Into The Fray - 6/17/2023

Liberal MSNBC Host Tells Peter Hotez Not To Debate RFK Jr.; Likens Kennedy To A Holocaust Denier - 6/19/2023

YouTube Strikes Down Peterson's RFK Jr. Interview, Cites Violation Of Vaccine Policy - 6/19/2023

YouTube Removes Jordan Peterson's Interview With RFK Jr., Citing Vaccine 'Misinformation' - 6/20/2023

RFK Jr.'s Critics Think They're Too Good To Debate Vaccines - 6/20/2023

'America's Medical Establishment Has Beclowned Itself': Tucker Carlson Drops New Episode On Twitter - 6/22/2023

'He's Curious': Tucker Carlson Reveals Why He Thinks The Media Hates RFK Jr. - 6/22/2023

'F*** Them': Bill Maher Denounces The Liberal Media For Routinely Attacking RFK Jr., Whom 80% Of Democratic Voters Want To See Debate Biden - 6/27/2023

RFK Jr. Declines To Pledge To Support Whoever Becomes The Democratic Presidential Nominee - 6/28/2023

RFK Jr. Highlights The Biden Administration's Failure, Stresses It's 'Not That Hard' To Seal The Border - And Trump's Wall Is Part Of The Solution - 6/29/2023

RFK Jr. Blasts Biden WH After it Makes 'Midnight Announcement': 'What Are They Hiding?' - 7/3/2023

RFK Jr. Decries Biden Admin's Withholding Of Some JFK Assassination Records - 7/5/2023

RFK Jr. Blasts Biden For Sending Cluster Bombs To Ukrinae; White House Previously Said Use Of Controversial Munitions Would Be A War Crime - 7/9/2023

House Republicans Reject Democratic Pressure To Disinvite RFK Jr. From Testifying On Censorship - 7/18/2023

Dem Minority Leader Jeffries Slander Robert Kennedy, Jr. - Claims His Campaign Is A "Living-Breathing False Flag Operation" Run By Right-Wing Political Operatives (VIDEO) - 7/21/2023

In Major Shift, RFK Jr. Calls For Corruption Investigation Of Joe Biden - 7/23/2023

RFK Jr. Says Mainstream Media Criticizing Him More Than They Did To Trump - 7/24/2023

Audience Cheers As Robert Kennedy Jr. Argues On The Effectiveness Of HCQ And Ivermectin With Sean Hannity - Here Are The Scientific Studies RFK Jr. Was Talking About - 7/26/2023

Shocking: Biden Administration Refuses To Provide Robert Kennedy, Jr. With Secret Service Protection Despite His Standing In Race And Family History - 7/28/2023

RFK Jr. Accomplishes What Not Even Donald Trump Could Do - 8/7/2023

'We Need To Take Back Control': RFK Says US Need For Border Security Is A Matter Of 'Humanitarian Conscience' - 8/9/2023

RFK Jr. Tells Tucker Carlson The Percentage Of America's Wealth That Belongs To The Democratic Party, And It's Both Ironic And Disgusting - 8/22/2023

THESE Are The Specific Media Outlets That Have Been COMPROMISED By The CIA According To RFK Jr. - 9/6/2023

RFK Jr. Campaign Accuses DNC Of Being Undemocratic - 9/12/2023

SPINE-CHILLING: THESE Are The Stats Banks DON'T Want You To Know About, According To RFK Jr. - 9/14/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Armed Man Posing As Federal Agent Arrested At RFK Jr. Event In Los Angeles, After Secret Service Protection Denied - 9/15/2023

Video: Armed Man Impersonating Federal Agent Arrested At RFK Jr. Event - Just 2 Miles From Where His Father Was Assassinated - 9/16/2023

Just In: Armed Man Who Tried To Enter RFK Event Identified - 44-Year-Old Adrian Paul Aispuro - 9/16/2023

Update: Armed Man Arrested At Formber F. Kennedy's Rally - Adrian Paul Aispuro Was Dropped Off By His Brother - But The Story Does Not Add Up And Liberal Media Is Incurious! - 9/17/2023

RFK Jr. Chastises President Biden About Border Crisis During Texas Visit - 9/21/2023

RFK Jr. Out-Trumps Trump When It Comes To Conservative World's Public Enemy No. 1 - 10/2/2023

RFK Jr. Switches To Running For President As An Independent - 10/9/2023

RFK Jr. Announces Presidential Run As Independent Candidate - 10/9/2023

Don't Be Fooled: RFK Jr. Is No Conservative - 12/4/2023

Lifelong Climate Radical RFK Jr. Is No Friend Of The Right - 12/6/2023

RFK Jr. Reveals He Flew On Epstein's Plane Twice, Contradicting Previous Claim - 12/6/2023

Supreme Court Rejects Request From Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - 12/11/2023

Many Republicans Find Ally In RFK Over Vaccines, But Remain Loyal To Trump - 12/17/2023

RFK Jr. Fires Back After Being Denied Secret Service Protection - For The Third Time - 12/27/2023

'We're Headed To A System Where The Elites Pick Our Leadership': RFK Jr. - 12/28/2023

RFK Jr.'s Request For Secret Service Protection Is Denied For A Third Time - 12/29/2023

DNC Files FEC Complaint Against RFK Jr. Alleging Illegal Super PAC Coordination - 2/9/2024

Mayorkas Personally Rejected RFK Jr. Secret Service Protection - 2/13/2024

RFK Jr.: Trans Athletes Should Not Be Allowed To Compete Against Women - 2/16/2024

'Damaging Our Country': RFK Jr. Calls Out Massive Consequence Caused By Border Crisis - 3/6/2024

Andrew Schulz Goes Silent When RFK Jr. Tells Him How The DNC Cheats - 3/8/2024

'It Just Has To Be Done': NBA Legend John Stockton Sues Washington State Over COVID Censorship With RFK Jr. As His Lawyer - 3/18/2024

RFK Jr. Reveals Running Mate Pick - 3/26/2024

Independent RFK Jr.'s VP Pick Has Long History Of Donating To Left-WIng Politicians, Groups - 3/27/2024

CNN Tries To Blade RFK Jr., But He Turns Interview On Its Head: 'Biden Is A Much Worse Threat To Democracy' - 4/2/2024

RFK Jr. Is Right About Joe Biden - 4/3/2024