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Georgia Prosecutor Fani Willis Disqualified From Investigating Trump 'Fake Elector' In Criminal Probe - 7/25/2022

Georgia AG Teases New Round Of Charges Against Trump In The Summer - 4/25/2023

Alan Dershowitz: 'No Way' Case Against Trump In Fulton County Can Be Successful - 5/8/2023

Trump's Petition To Quash Fulton County Report On 2020 Electin Denied By Georgia's Supreme Court - 7/18/2023

Georgia District Attorney Expected To Unseal Indictments Against Trump In August, Report - 5/19/2023

ANOTHER LEAK: Georgia Prosecutors Prepare Sprawling Racketeering Charges Against Trump Based On 'Influencing Witnesses And Computer Trespass' - 7/21/2023

Barriers Spotted Outside Fulton County Georgia Courthouse As DA Fani Willis Prepares To Charge Trump - 7/27/2023

Judge Sets Hearing For Trump Motion Seeking To Disqualify Fulton DA From 2020 Election Investigation - 7/29/2023

Hearing Scheduled In Trump's Bid To Disqualify Fulton County DA From 2020 Election Probe - 7/30/2023

Democrat Sheriff Sounds Giddy About Getting Mugshot Of Trump: 'We'll Have A Mugshot!' - 8/3/2023

Maria Bartiroma: The DOJ Is Waiting For More Evidence The Things To Come Out On Joe Biden - Then They Will Give Georgia The Go Ahead To Release Another Indictment (VIDEO) - 8/6/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Fulton Co DA Fani Willis Eyeing Racketeering Charges This Week... But Against Who? - Emails Reveal Georgia Officials Knew For Months About Severe Tabulator Malfunctions - 8/7/2023

LEAK: Fani Willis Is Planning To Indict President Trump For Conspiracy, She Plans To Indict Trump On 12 Charges Of Racketeering And Conspiracy - 8/10/2023

FLASHBACK: Judge Scolds Crooked Soros-Funded DA Fani Wilis In Court For Her Braze, Partisan Lawlessness During Trump Investigation (VIDEO) - 8/10/2023

Smith Admits He Included Inaccurate Information Around Trump-Twitter Search Warrant - 8/11/2023

Georgia Prosecutor Summons Top Witnesses To Testify In Trump Grand Jury Over Election Charges - 8/12/2023

BREAKING: Fani Willis FAILS To Answer Why IDENTICAL Indictment Appeared Then Was Deleted Before Grand Jury Voted - 8/14/2023

UPDATE: Trump And Others Indicted In Connection With Georgia 2020 Election Probe - 8/14/2023

TIMELINE: Key Events In Trump's Georgia Election Case - 8/14/2023

Georgia Court Posts, Then Removes From Website List Of Criminal Charges Against Trump - 8/14/2023

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Reporter Confronts Fulton County DA About Mysterious Leak As Trump's Lawyers Turn Up The Heat: 'Shocking And Absurd' - 8/15/2023

ANALYSIS: Georgia Trump Indictment Struggles To Back Criminal Intentioin Claims - 8/15/2023

Legal Experts Say Georgia Charges Against Trump Violate Democratic Norms - 8/15/2023

Dems Could Have Been Indicted For Bush v. Gore By Georgia DA's Standards: Dershowitz - 8/15/2023

Georgia Clerk Says 'Mishap' Caused Erroneous Release Of List Of Trump Charges - 8/15/2023

Donald Trump Indicted: Proposed Georgia Trial Date Just One Day Before Super Tuesday - 8/16/2023

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Jonathan Turley Warns Georgia DA May Have 'Tripped The Wire' With Her 'Jackson Pollock School Of Prosecution' Approach - 8/16/2023

Fulton County Clerk Responds To Publishing Trump Indictment Ahead of Grand Jury Decision: 'I Am Human' - 8/16/2023

Trump Lawyer Says Georgia Case Being Tried Outside Federal Court 'By Design' - 8/16/2023

CNN Analysts Hit Fulton County DA With Reality Check After She Proposes Controversial Trial Date - And It May Help Trump - 8/17/2023

Former Federal Prosecutor Calls Fulton County Indictment Against Trump, Allies A Flawed Case - 8/20/2023

Judge Sets Trump's Georgia Bond At $200,000, Restricts Communication - 8/21/2023

Andrew McCarthy Reveals The "Giant Hole" In Fani Willis's Case Against President Trump Which Proves His Innocence - 8/21/2023

The Kennesaw State University Election Hacks In Georgia: Another FBI Cover Up, Attacks Whistleblowers Instead - 8/21/2023

Trump Will Be Treated As A Common Prisioner: Fulton County Sheriff - 8/22/2023

Fulton County DA Asks For October 2023 Trial In Trump Case - 8/24/2023

House Republicans Launch Probe Into Fulton County's 'Politically Motivated' Trump Indictments - 8/24/2023

Fani Willis Questioned 2020 Election In Facebook Posts - 8/25/2023

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Called To Publicaly Oppose Sanctions Against DA In Trump Case - 8/25/2023

The Best Trump Mugshot Memes Mocking Deocrats' Indictment Frenzy As The Joke It Is - 8/25/2023

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Trump Pleads Not Guilty In Georgia Election Case After Waiving Arraignment - 8/31/2023

Fulton County Prosecutor's Law Firm Sends 'Uninvited And Improper' Mailer To Republican He Helped Indict - 9/10/2023

Fani Willis Bankrolls Private Attorney For Trump Prosecution: 'Certainly Unorthodox' - 9/11/2023

Judge Denies Fulton County DA Request To Try All 19 Defendants Together In Trump Election Case - 9/14/2023

Judge Shoots Down Fani Willis' Bid For October Trump Trial - 9/14/2023