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2022 SCOTUS Abortion Ruling: Threats & Intimidation

'Let's Burn This Place Down': Left Calls For Violence After Treasonous SCOTUS Abortion Leak - 5/3/2022

The Demonic Left Will Stop At Nothing - Including Desstroying The Supreme Court - To Kill Babies - 5/3/2022

Kamala Harris Goes Off The Deep End And Declares War On Supreme Court And GOP: 'How Dare They' - 5/4/2022

Pro-Abortion Group Seemingly Encouraging Protesters To Storm Mothers' Day Church Services - 5/7/2022

Godless Pro-Abortion Group Announces Latest Assault On Christians: "We Will Be Burning The Eucharist to Show Our Disgust" - 5/8/2022

After Protesters Go After Churches And Pregnancy Centers - Pro-Lifers Stand Up To Them And Eject Them From LA Church - 5/9/2022

Susan Collins Calls Cops After Pro-Abortion Rights Message Left Outside Her House - 5/10/2022

Pro-Abortion Protesters Pledge 'Summer Of Rage' During Nationwide Saturday Protests - 5/14/2022

Nancy Pelosi: Supreme Court 'Dangerous To Families And To Freedoms' - 5/15/2022

Abortion Activists Threaten To Burn Down Supreme Court, Kill Justices When Roe Is Overturned - 5/18/2022

Pro-Abortion Activists Pledge 'Summer Of Rage' - 5/23/2022

In New York, Washington DC, Pro-Abortion Forces Engage In All-Out Intimidation Tactics Against Pro-Lifers - 6/7/2022

Domestic Terrorist Group Jane's Revenge Threatens Escalated Violence Against Pro-Life Ministries - 6/16/2022

Well-Known Trans Educator Tweets Bloodthirsty Challenge After Roe v. Wade Overturn - 7/1/2022

Report: SCOTUS Assassin Suspect's Disturbing History Exposed In Court Documents - 8/1/2022

Justice Alito: Roe Leak Made Us 'Targets For Assassination' - 10/25/2022

Watch: Rep. Nancy Mace Outs Transsexual Extremist As A Hypocrite Who Said SCOTUS Justices 'Should Never Have A Peaceful Moment In Public Again' - 12/14/2022

Pro-Abortion Protesters Threaten Justice Kavanaugh At His home, Chant: "Cut His Time Short", "No Peace For You" - 1/22/2022

It Was All Planned: Leftists Release Anti-Kavanaugh Movie - Hold Threatening Protests At His Home In DC The Same Weekend - 1/22/2023

'Cut Her Time Short': Pro-Abortion Protesters Marched Outside Amy Coney Barrett's House - 1/30/2023

Ted Cruz Slams Merrick Garland For Letting Violent Abortion Activists Threaten SCOTUS Judges - 3/1/2023

1 Year Later: Dobbs Leak Led To Attacks On Justices, Pro-Lifers, Catholics - 5/2/2023